Second Annual Super Market Sweep Raises $18,000

The Student Activities Board (SAB) at Grace College, DePuy and Mission Point Church partnered with Owen’s Supermarket on East Center Street to host the second annual “Super Market Sweep – Give ‘Til You Drop” event on Wednesday, November 14.

The Super Market Sweep is an annual event for students and community members to give back to the Warsaw/Winona Lake community by spending their own money to purchase food and baby care items for the holiday season. The food purchased is collected and donated to the Salvation Army, Combined Community Services and Heartline Pregnancy Center.

There was overwhelming community support with some stopping in specifically to participate, and others participating as they did their normal grocery shopping. Over $6,000 was donated by Grace College students, staff and faculty, who formed teams and competed against each other to see who could raise the most. This year 41 student groups competed, with the winning team, led by Eric Totheroh, checking out with over $1,000 on groceries.

“The college students really want to help,” said Kearstin Criswell, Grace Coordinator of Student Organizations. “They have a big heart for serving and for giving. Sometimes, they just need the opportunity and the chance.”

The final amount of $18,421.17 raised doubled last year’s proceeds, and will be distributed to over a thousand families this holiday season.

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