Illustrious – Waiting on God

This week’s example is stolen from Dan Green, professor at Moody Bible Institute. It was so good I had to steal it, even though I can’t relate to it at all, having never hunted in my life.

Some take the concept of waiting and depending on the Lord and verses like “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10) to mean that it is important in the Christian life to sit back and be passive. “Let Go and Let God” they say, hoping God will send them a direct answer and audibly tell them what to do when they face a tough choice.

While not heretical, there is some bad theology in that line of thinking. Waiting, in the biblical and even the physical sense is not passive. Waiting takes effort, trust and dependance in the Lord, and restraining oneself from trying to manipulate things.

Waiting on the Lord, as Dr. Green explained, is a lot like hunting. There is a lot of careful and detailed preparation that goes into hunting. Even the approach to the deer stand must be done properly. And waiting for the deer to come across your sights takes great alertness and watchfulness. And when one is ready for the right moment, when it comes, success will be achieved. But there are a lot of tense, quiet,focused, and anxious moments leading up to it.

Hunting deer is just like waiting on the Lord. Neither are passive, both call for careful preparation and optimal alertness.

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