Conviction Anticipated

Our small group ‘flock’ at church is going through the Fruit of the Spirit. We have been through love, joy, and peace last night. A good study, an interesting study as you look at all the different facets of these qualities and all the potential applications.

For the second or third straight week, I had to prod my wife away from socializing because we needed to leave. Needed may not accurately describe all three weeks, but it’s close enough. Poor me for having a wife who easily gets drawn into conversations with friends.

As I was trying to politely push her out the door, I was reminded for the second straight week that the fruit of patience is coming up. I don’t know that I’ve been impatient, just slightly bothered when one conversation ends and another begins.  Well, at least I don’t have to teach on patience : ).

But I will have lead a lesson on kindness in two weeks.

One Response to “Conviction Anticipated”

  1. Carolina H. Says:

    We women can be quite chatty sometimes. That’s one of those pesky things that our men have to put up with.