Happy New Year

One of the more underrated blessings that the Christmas season provides is the much needed sabbath break from the regular routine of life.

Nationally, religious people and non-religious people alike find their thoughts drifting to the events and experiences of the past year. All forms of media relish the chance to grab our attention with year-end retrospectives and ‘Top’ lists of various subjects.

While Christmas has obvious spiritual connotations, New Years does as well.  The New Year is a widely accepted time to make new commitments, resolutions, and life decisions. It’s a chance for a fresh start in many people’s minds.  It’s perfect opportunity for businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals to set goals.

It’s a perfect opportunity for Christians to not just look ahead to the next year, but to look ahead to the ultimate fulfillment we have in store for us when Christ returns.  2012 was apparently predicted by the Mayans to be the year the world would end. That has no biblical basis at all, yet it reminds us of the visions of Revelation when Christ does usher in the ‘end of the world’ by vindicating His faithful people and finishing ‘making all things new’ (Rev. 21:5).

I can make all the commitments in all the areas I need improvement in, my employer can set all the lofty goals it wants to in order to gauge success, but Christ is the only sure thing out there when it comes to looking for lasting glory, improvement, and change.  We are all yearning for Success, Growth, Peace, Restoration – and Christ will accomplish it all for us – and we are one more year closer to that Day.

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