Grace College President Ronald Manahan Addresses Congressional Subcommittee

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, Grace College and Theological Seminary President Dr. Ronald Manahan testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training at a hearing entitled, “Keeping College within Reach:  Discussing Ways Institutions Can Streamline Costs and Reduce Tuition” at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C.


Subcommittee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx had invited Manahan to represent Grace College at the hearing because of Grace’s innovative 3-year accelerated degree program, which is available for each of Grace’s more than 50 majors.


Manahan was given five minutes to present his oral testimony; he also submitted a longer written statement, which is included in the hearing record. Members of the Committee had five minutes each to ask questions of the witnesses and to comment on the testimonies.


Manahan was excited about the invitation’s implications for Grace College.  “It’s a great honor for Grace College to be recognized for something we’ve put so much time and effort into – using innovative approaches to address the escalating costs of higher education,” Manahan said.


Indiana Congressman Marlin Stutzman praised Grace College for its initiative to find solutions.  “We, as Hoosiers, are constantly innovating, finding ways to lower costs and increase opportunities. It was great to have Grace College recognized as a leader in higher education. I’m glad when Hoosiers take bold perspectives to DC. Dr. Manahan and Grace College are doing great work for our community and offering a model for the rest of the country,” Stutzman said.


In his oral testimony, Manahan explained how Grace College has addressed the increasing cost of higher education.  In an effort to reduce cost, the school has systematically evaluated every academic program, reviewed institutional operations, explored innovations (which include the new three-year degree program, the Weber school, and Grace’s “placement promise” to graduates), and created collaborations and partnerships with other institutions.  These efforts are in line with Manahan’s closing statement that, “…higher education must be vigilant in controlling cost, ensuring access, and increasing employability.”


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  3. Psychology Graduate Student Says:

    I am not sure if accelerated programs are what we need.  College isn’t just a time to optimize the downloading of information into the student’s heads.  Innovative, in my eyes, would give the students space to grow.  Getting them out into the marketplace sounds like it would impair their growth. 

  4. It is in the Design Says:

    It is all in the design.  If the programs are designed efficiently then they can impart much over three years.  If the program is not designed well, four years can pass without much gain to measure.