Stay Alert!

The past 6 weeks have had me doing a lot of traveling to various conferences to recruit for our seminary and grad programs. That means a lot of driving all over the midwest. A lot of driving.

I can handle long trips on the road pretty well though. I enjoy getting locked in, listening to the radio or cd’s and taking in the scenery.

Earlier this week though, I had a close call. I was within 5 miles of Warsaw, driving on a country road short-cut, when I noticed on my left, a deer sprinting through a cornfield in my general direction. I kept my focus on it, observing the angle it was taking and it’s relation to my car. I didn’t need to slam on my brakes, but I had to stop semi-abruptly as it made a bee-line (deer-line?) for the opposite side of the road.

I was very thankful and said a quick prayer of gratitude to God for keeping me safe. The young buck blended in with much of the field and country-side, so I was very thankful I had spotted it in time.

I think there’s a spiritual correlation to be made from my near miss. It reminded me of 1 Peter 5, and how we are told to be alert and on-guard ‘because your enemy Satan prowls around like a roaring lion searching for someone to devour.’ Sometimes spiritually, if we are coasting, we can get blindsided by our enemy’s attacks, the world’s temptations, or the flesh sprouting up out of the blue. It is important that each and every day we focus on being alert to the battles and struggles that are out there waiting for us.  And it’s crucial that we depend on God’s Word and the Spirit if we want to emerge victorious from those conflicts.

When I travel, I can often get so set on cruise control, I realize I’m not always aware of my surroundings. It’s important to avoid that on the road, and even more important to avoid relaxing too much spiritually. Instead, we must stay alert and aware of the real spiritual war that is waging.

One Response to “Stay Alert!”

  1. Angelica Emmanuel Says:

    Indeed. One should be alert and keep their eyes on the road when driving. It’s part of safe driving: no matter how careful you are on the road, there are still other elements that you have to watch out for.