Grace College to Open Locations in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne: Bridging the Gap to Christian Higher Education

The new Henry and Frances Weber School at Grace College, opening in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne in fall 2011, promises to narrow the gap between a personal bottom line and higher education. Recognizing that components like campus housing and meal plans can make a college education difficult to afford, Grace has simplified the educational model without compromising their mission toward character, competence, and service.

The Weber School delivers a Christian two-year associate degree for commuter students in Indiana’s two largest cities at a fraction of the cost of traditional higher education. For students wishing to pursue bachelor degrees, the new school builds an accessible bridge to further education, offering automatic continuation at the Winona Lake campus or the ability to easily transfer credit to another college.

This new program provides students the opportunity to attain a Christian college education by lowering costs, while making classes available in Indiana’s two largest population centers. Tuition is quoted at a flat rate of $3900 per semester, placing it significantly lower than most other Christian residential and private commuter colleges. Class times are scheduled in the mornings, allowing students time for part-time work, further offsetting the cost of obtaining a degree.

Dr. John Teevan, executive director of the Weber School, explained, “We’re one of the few schools that has actually acknowledged the bottom line by lowering upfront costs of the first two years. With tuition for two years at the Weber School totaling just $15,600, students save almost $45,000 as compared to two years’ worth of tuition, room and board at a typical private Christian college.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau in 2005, a two-year associate degree increases an individual’s median lifetime earnings by 28 percent over those with only a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree raises earnings by nearly 70 percent. Additionally, achieving an associate degree can prepare students for a more advanced degree by fulfilling about half the credit requirements of a bachelor’s degree and making the student more appealing to four-year colleges and universities.

Grace College is an evangelical Christian community of higher education which applies Biblical values in strengthening character, sharpening competence, and preparing for service. The academic, residential, athletic, and social aspects of the college are designed to encourage intellectual and spiritual growth in a supportive campus community. The 180-acre campus is located in the historic resort town of Winona Lake, near Warsaw, Ind. It has historically been among the top schools of its size and listed in U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s Best Colleges. The Princeton Review has regularly awarded it the title of a “Best Midwestern College.”

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  1. JoleenBa Says:

     Grace College and Theological Seminary has announced it is opening a location in Fort Wayne at the Ambassador Enterprises property formerly occupied by Fort Wayne Bible College, and classes will begin this fall. To commemorate the event, Grace will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony and press conference on Friday, August 5, 2001 at 11 AM at the location, which is housed in the English Library.

    Speakers will include Dr. Ronald Manahan, president of Grace College, Mayor Tom Henry and Larry Rottmeyer of Ambassador Enterprises.

    Grace College is moving forward to bring post-secondary education within reach of a larger population. Beginning August 2011, The Henry and Frances Weber School at Grace College will deliver a two-year associate of arts degree in general studies in two locations: Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Tuition rates for the new program are $3900 per semester.