Last Day at Homes of Hope and Heading Back to Momi

Today we are sleeping in a little and packing up as we say goodbye to Homes of Hope. We all enjoyed our days here learning about their great kingdom work. We are all going to miss the moms and their children very much. We have another day of travel as we head back to the west side of the island to Momi for the night before we head to Snorkel Island and the Resort for our final two days here. Then we will fly out sunday night (saturday for you) then we will relive sunday again in LAX airport and we will all arrive sometime between late late sunday night and monday morning. This could very possibly be the last blog. This trip has been a once in a life time experience and I hope everyone enjoyed tracking with us. We are excited about a few days of relaxation and touristy stuff. I know a lot of the team is waiting patiently for American food!!!!

Mothe from Fiji!! (Goodbye from Fiji)        -Kati

One Response to “Last Day at Homes of Hope and Heading Back to Momi”

  1. Dhock Says:

    Thank you for the updates, and I am glad you are enjoying the work for His Kingdom! Prayers and Blessings continue, we can’t wait to see you here back in the states! Safe travels and God Bless!