Beginning of Homes of Hope

Bula Everyone! Sorry it has taken awhile to post again. Things here just fly by and before we know it days and days have passed. This morning marks our second full day here at Homes of Hope (hoh) and we are excited for it. Here at hoh it rains A LOT!!! So, we are usually a little damp and always sweaty. Despite some adjustments that needed to be made from Momi, we are doing well. Yesterday was a lot of hard work up in the fields digging, planting, weeding and such. There were huge spiders and yucky centipeds that had us all on our toes. But it was mind over matter and we got the job done! The team is closer than ever and we are enjoying seeing the beauty that God gave this part of the world. We are in the lushest, greenest, most tropical place you can imagine. So far we have seen bats, parrots, other birds and several gross bugs already mentioned.

Some of the team is gettting tired and a little homesick so please keep the prayers going. Its by your continued prayer that we continue. Today is a bit of a rest day for the team as they are going to go to a jungle waterfall and spend the day swimming in a natural pool and investigate the jungle around us. Some of us are staying back because they need  us so please pray for good spirits on that front as well.

Tomorrow is another day of field work for the team and as always continued time with the Fijian and Indian children. The kids are a hoot and we love them to pieces.

I hope this informs you enough for now! I will write again soon. Thanks for all the support. Hope all is well in the states.

Only by his grace.


One Response to “Beginning of Homes of Hope”

  1. Michelle Perry Hock Says:

    You are doing a fine job, all of you and we wish you more success.  Love you and prayers for all involved.  Keep the faith and energy going!  You can do it!!  All is well here.  Missing you.  God bless!!