Wow the days are flying by but we all feel like time doesn’t exist here.  Yesterday was most of our’s best day.  We got to travel to town and buy sulus which are local wrap-around skirts.  Once we had all finished shopping we went to a rural pottery village and got a taste of a culture we couldn’t have imagined.  most of us also took a trip to the little store down the road and got to experience Fijian coke and ice cream.  As you can see all is well here and our blessings are countless.

Early tomorrow morning we head to Homes of Hope.  We are sad to leave Momi Bay but we are excited for our next experience.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  Thanks for taking this journey with us.  Hope to write again soon!

From the team, Kati Hock

4 Responses to “BULA!”

  1. Lori Widman Says:

    Awesome group picture!  Hi Laurie Fredericks and Elizabeth Caron!  Lori Widman 

  2. Doug Hock Says:

     Awesome! can’t wait to hear how Fijian coke and ice cream differs from our own! Love these updates, keep em coming! Continued prayers.

  3. Michelle Perry Hock Says:

    Love all the updates and phone calls…love that you are enjoying the experience of a lifetime too!  Stay healthy, stay away from those mosquitos too!  Prayers continue for your success.  

  4. Ymansonz Says:

    Thank you for the updates.. I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.. Prayers being said for all of you! 😀  Hi Kara we miss you, and thinking of you too.. Megan and Rachel!