We spent Friday night at two families homes for dinner.  The girls went to one family and the guys went to another family.  It truly was a blessing to spend time with them. When guests come to Turkey it is a very big deal.  They serve more food than you can imagine eating and they get really offended if you do not eat the food because the women will spend all day cooking and they consider it to be holy when guests come.  We had an amazing chicken dish and many other interesting Turkish food.  We enjoyed getting to talk with the family about the way things work in Turkey in comparison to America.  We were very thankful for Yvonne who was able to translate for us.

After eating dinner we caught an overnight bus to Cappadocia.  Not going to lie..the bus was awful!  Comfort was definitely something we weren’t going to find that night.  We arrived in Cappadocia at 6:30am and began our day.  We went on a tour and saw some of the most beautiful things we have seen since being in Turkey.  We got to climb through many different areas of lava masses.  The people back in the olden days carved away homes and churches into the rock.   We were amazed at the capabilities of the people to make these homes and churches since they didn’t have power tools like we do now.  The churches were absolutely gorgeous and each one had special artwork depicting different parts of the Christian faith.  It was truly amazing.

Exhausted, we got back on the bus to head to Ankara again.  Thankfully, the bus was much more comfortable and we were able to get some sleep.  We arrived at the hotel and were very thankful to be sleeping in a bed. We are getting ready to do devotions and then we are heading out to do some shopping.  We are getting Burger King for lunch and are quite excited to have some American food!  Tonight we will catch a flight to Izmir where we will begin the last site seeing part of our trip.  We will be seeing many places such as Ephesus and other New Testament churches.  I am excited to walk where Paul walked for sure.

Spirits are high and we are making a lot of amazing memories! Thanks for praying for us and we send our love back to the States.

Writing for the team,

In His Service,

Kim 🙂

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