Lancer Day I: Gone In a Flash

Today was the first Lancer Day of the year. There were nearly 50 students here today, plus their parents! Thats a great turnout, and I hope they enjoyed what they were able to see of our campus. I heard it went great though! I heard it went great; I don’t know if it was great though. You see I had the [un]fortunate[?] burden of being stuck in class all day today, so I don’t really have an honest report on how the day went. This is my first semester being an ambassador so I was actually looking forward to experiencing a Lancer Day as I never went to one while I was in highschool.

However, I did get to take a few glances at how it was going.  I was there for the chapel services, and I got to see the train of people go down to their reserved seats. Yeah, I said reserved seating! Ok so obviously Lancer Day is off to a good start. Next, I saw a small army of recruits leaving Alpha Dining. I quickly became skeptical about how their day was going. Little did I know, it was BIG OLE CHICKEN BURRITO day. Bam! Experience that! Still a pretty good day then. But what I saw next? It completely had to alter their lives. I was minding my own business, going to my Stats class like the good student that I am, when out of nowhere I see Andrew Rupp leading a tour group. Andrew Rupp!!! Yeah, I just went triple exclamation points on it. A tour led by Andrew Rupp is like getting a tour of the Middle East by Moses, that guy went everywhere over there.

So lets recap. Reserved seating in chapel? Check. Big Ole Chicken Burrito? Check. Best tour guide this side of the pyramids? Check. What else do I need to know about Lancer Day? I think nothing. Well done Admissions staff.

Mr. Andrew Rupp

-Aaron Pierce

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