Dr. Matt Harmon Has Dissertation Published

Dr. Matt Harmon, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, recently had his dissertation published, titled “She Must And Shall Go Free”. His own blog offers this description:

“Scholars have long recognized the importance of Paul´s citations from the Pentateuch for understanding the argument of Galatians. But what has not been fully appreciated is the key role that Isaiah plays in shaping what Paul says and how he says it, even though he cites Isaiah explicitly only once (Isaiah 54:1 in Galatians 4:27). Using an intertextual approach to trace more subtle appropriations of Scripture (i.e., allusions, echoes and thematic parallels), Harmon argues that Isaiah 49-54 in particular has shaped the structure of Paul´s argument and the content of his theological reflection in Galatians.”

A further description may be accessed at his blog at http://bibtheo.blogspot.com/2010/08/now-available-she-must-and-shall-go.html.

One Response to “Dr. Matt Harmon Has Dissertation Published”

  1. MaudieMo Says:

    Those who are interested in the use of the Old Testament in the New will want to save their pennies so they can buy Harmon’s book to be released March, 2010. It will take a lot of pennies, so start saving now! You can read the abstract on the publisher’s website. Not surprisingly, this is his PhD dissertation which he produced under Douglas Moo at Wheaton College in 2006. He is currently teaching at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana. He’s a fellow blogger so may I say congratulations on having your dissertation published. That’s the end result of a long process.