A New Year—A New Name

Announcing: SWIFT!

Formerly known as, “GTS Wives Fellowship & Training”, we decided it might be best to toss the mouth full and give everyone a little more “user friendly” name.  SWIFT, an acronym for Seminary Wives In Fellowship & Training, still exists primarily to assist seminary wives during the days of “seminary life” and to help prepare them for future ministry alongside their husbands.  We also seek to provide an avenue of encouragement for the non-residential seminary wife by utilizing events and the internet as a means of communication and support.  Our five main areas of ministry to you while your husband is in seminary are offering weekly Bible studies, spending time in prayer together, presenting educational and leadership opportunities, and by providing a childcare network for you to attend classes with your husband so you can be trained to the extent that it fits your personal situation. We will be officially changing our blog to www.gtswift.blogspot.com.

·         It is our desire that women grow first in their own relationship with Christ and in their knowledge and understanding of theological and practical ministry issues. 

·         It is our desire that women have a safe place where they can turn to bear one another’s burdens.  We do not seek to have a “prayer chain,” but do ask that if there are important pressing concerns in your family for which you would like prayer that you contact SWIFT via email (seminarywives@grace.edu).  The Steering Committee will be the only people who see the prayer request and, if permission is noted in the email, the prayer request will be passed onto GTS faculty.

·         It is our desire that women grow in their leadership abilities as many times wives will be called on in their ministry life to use these skills in their church.  We will seek to provide opportunities to grow in leadership by providing events specializing in various areas such as “women’s ministries”, “counseling,” etc., providing a personal mentor for the wife if she so chooses, and by providing opportunities for the women themselves to lead in SWIFT itself.

·         We desire that women attend classes with their husband if they so desire.  For this reason we are currently working on creating a network of moms (and any other volunteers) who would be interested in “swapping” childcare.  We want this to be available first to those that wish to take a class alongside their husband and second to those in need for other reasons.  If you are interested in volunteering to provide childcare, or if you are interested in taking a class and are in need of assistance with childcare while you are in class, please contact our Childcare Network Coordinator Emily Tellez.  She can be reached at: thetellezfamily@gmail.com

·         We desire to be a community.  We desire that members find a true community of Christ-followers which will encourage one another, stretch and challenge each other, model for future ministry, and most of all come alongside each other to bring them closer to the Lord during their time in seminary.  The Christian life was not meant to be lived alone, as Christ clearly modeled through his relationship with the disciples.  We want to begin showing a picture of what it means to “live life together” as a true body of believers

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