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What Drew Me To Grace

Monday, November 17th, 2008

I have been asked to contribute to the GTS blog. I am in my second year of the seminary, coming from being in ministry for around 8 years.

One of the things that drew me to Grace was the commitment the faculty has to biblical truth. It is important to be able to reach our culture for the Lord but it cannot be done by pushing God’s Word to the side. The faculty is also committed to the development of each individual student’s ability to effectively communicate God’s Word and, more importantly, the development of each students’ personal relationship with the Lord.

The commitment to coming to Seminary involved my whole family. My wife and kids have been a great encouragement to help me through some of the tougher times of the semesters. Currently we are expecting our fourth child and through this semester God has been teaching me what it means to be truly rely on Him for everything. God has done this through family life situations, discussions in class, and time in mentoring groups. He has continually shown Himself faithful. I have been able to trust the Lord with more and am constantly learning to let Him into the “problems” of life/school, etc., and get myself out of the way.

One final thought: My relationship with Christ is to be lived out in a community and not done on my own. Through mentoring and class times God is carving away at the old nature to be replaced by the new nature. One example is the desire and longing I have to spend time with God through prayer and mediation more now than when I started even at the beginning of this year.

Jason Humiston

Be Transformed

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Greetings and welcome to Grace Theological Seminary’s new blog. We will have several current students contributing and sharing their thoughts on life, ministry, theology, and whatever else they are experiencing.

As a recent grad (’07), and current Director of Seminary Admissions, I thought I’d take this first opportunity to share about our ‘Be Transformed’ theme.

It is more than just a theme, however. I saw God transform me during my time at GTS. I saw God work in and through my peers as well, molding them for His service.

When I think about the idea of transformation, a couple images come to mind. One image is a catepillar turning into a butterfly. Another is the potter shaping and molding a lump of clay into an intricately designed and useful piece of pottery. As I connect my seminary expierience with those images, it is the potter and clay image that contains the most similarities.

See, the kind of transformation you go through at Grace involves brokenness and dependance. As clay in HIs hands, we submit to His control, His guiding hand, and His sometimes difficult shaping. I caught a youtube clip a little while ago of a potter working clay on a wheel. In this video, the artist stopped and started over several times. It reminded me of those times God has to keep teaching me the same lesson over and over until I give Him my full and undivided attention and cooperation.

The key thought I want to leave you with is this: Transformation is often a painful struggle. While transformation sounds like some sort of great ideal we would all hope to acheive, even the catepillar has to fight and work his way out of the cocoon. But in the end, the struggle is worth it. To quote Jars of Clay, ‘the pain is worth the plunder’ . Because the plunder is a closer walk with Christ, an enhanced spiritual maturity, and a passion to serve the Lord wherever He desires.

– lee compson