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FAQ: Campus Visits

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Can I come and visit the campus, since I am going to be town at some point during the year?

  • Yes, we greatly encourage campus visits. Please call or email Jim Hill in advance. If you come during a time when courses are in session we will arrange for you to attend a class as well as have lunch with a professor, staff member, or student.
  • The Winona Lake area has a lot of cultural events going on during the summer and is an area rich with beautiful natural resources. The largest natural lake in Indiana is only 25 minutes away and there are lots of summertime activities for you to enjoy.

FAQ: Advance Standing and Transfer Credit

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

I took some theological courses during my undergraduate program, and also a few seminary courses at another school. Will I be eligible for advance standing to get these courses waived?

  • Yes, you may be eligible either for advance standing, in which the course isn’t required to be taken at all, or for a waiver in which another course of equal credit hours may be substituted. Advance standing applies to courses that you have taken at the undergraduate level. Questions regarding advance standing should be directed to Jim Hill in Seminary Admissions. A maximum of nine credit hours of advance standing will be accepted for the MA programs.
  • If you took courses at the seminary level you may be eligible for transfer credit up to 1/2 of the total credits of the program in which you are enrolled, which means up to 24 hours in the online MA programs. This will be determined during the admissions process.

FAQ: Mixing Online with Residential or DE Courses

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

What if I live close enough that I want to take a portion of the classes in the online format, and a portion in the residential method. Can I mix and match these courses as my schedule determines? Also, what if I want to take courses in the older distance ed (DE) format in order to accelerate the completion of my degree?

  • Yes, you can mix and match these courses with the caution that once you begin taking classes, you will be assigned to a cohort and you will need to be careful that you keep up with classes that they are taking. A cohort is what we call the group of students that begin their online seminary experience at Grace Theological Seminary during a particular semester.
  • You can take distance ed courses as long as they are offered. Once the DE class is converted to the online format it may no longer be available. This is a way of reducing the time that it takes to complete the 48 credit hours required in the MA programs.

FAQ: Tuition Rates, Application Fees and Deadlines

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

What are the tuition rates for the fall semester and the rest of the school year (spring, summer 2009)? Is there an application fee?

  • Online courses, $386 per credit hour, plus a technology fee of $125 per course.
    This is the same rate as the residential program because the level of education of the online courses is designed to meet or exceed that of the residential program and will utilize the same professors.
  • Distance ed courses, $386 per credit hour, plus a fee of $159.95 is required for the ITS prefix courses before they are transitioned to the online format. These are the older distance learning courses that are gradually being replaced by the Learning House online format. Within two years all of these courses will be converted to the online format and will no longer be available.
  • There is no application fee for all seminary applications when made online through the GTS web page.
  • The application fee when utilizing our paper application process is $25.00.
  • The application deadline for the fall semester is August 1.
  • The application deadline for the spring or J term semester is December 15.
  • The application deadline for the Sparks (GTS) Scholarship is July 1.

FAQ: Webcam Requirements

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Are there currently any webcam requirements, or do you plan to require this at some future date?

At this time there is no webcam requirement but that may change in the future. We use Adobe Breeze as part of the course software from Learning House, our online vendor, and so learners will be able to see work done by the professor and desktop work done by each other. We have not made any requirement for video capabilities yet.

FAQ: How Many Online Class Sessions per Semester?

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

How many class sessions are there for an 8 week online class?

Eight week compressed courses meet each week all week long around the assignments, postings, and interactions for the class. Therefore the learners will be constantly online and will need to check almost daily to see what is required. Normal schedule for a week will be read Sunday through Tuesday or Wednesday and then complete the assignment for posting on Thursday or Friday and then interaction Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

FAQ: Requirements for Login to the Learning Portal

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

What are the sign-in requirements for online asynchronous participation per week on the learning portal, and are they different for each class? Also, are there any synchronous requirements?

Learners need to sign onto at least 1 week before the class and take the student help session to learn to navigate the class. Then they will receive their password and username the Friday before class to sign on to the actual course. Prior to that they will receive an e-mail giving them the syllabus and information when they register. Each class will require synchronous communication differently. The philosophy of Grace is that this is formatted for adults and therefore is generally asynchronous not synchronous. If a class needs to be synchronous the learners will be informed long in advance of that class.

FAQ: Room and Board during Residential Visits

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Does tuition cover my room and board during the three required residential visits?

Students are responsible for their own room and board during the residential visits. Grace plans to offer a meal package for using in the Alpha Dining Commons, or students may choose to locate meals on their own.

FAQ: Graduation Ceremony for Online Students

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Can I attend the graduation ceremony at Grace Theological Seminary when I graduate in the online program?

  • Yes, you are highly encouraged and welcome to attend this event which is held during the Saturday following the first week of May.
  • The first colloquy will be graduating on Saturday, May 7, 2011. Students who have taken additional DE courses or came in with transfer credits or advance standing may be graduating before this date.
  • The graduation ceremony is only held in May. Students who finish earlier than this will technically already be graduated by won’t be able to attend the formal ceremony until the following May.
  • Students will need to contact the Grace College and Seminary registrar four months before they graduate to order their cap and gown.

FAQ: Residential Requirement for Spring of the Second Year

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

What are the residential requirements for the online students during the spring semester of the second year?

  • The third and final required visit, other than the optional visit to attend graduation in May of the third year, will be in March of the second year.
  • For 2010, this visit is tentatively scheduled for March 7 – 12, 2010.
  • This week will work the same way which it did for the second visit during the previous spring. The first three days will complete the residential requirements for the first 8 week course, and the second will open the next 8 week course and complete the residential portion of that class.