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Grace College Announces Fall 2015 Dean’s List

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Grace College students who achieve high standards of academic excellence are placed on the Dean’s List. Last autumn’s list included nearly 200 students, each of whom was enrolled full-time and earned a grade point average of 3.94 or greater for the semester.  In addition, their cumulative grade point average was 3.3 or greater.  The following students were named on the fall 2015 Dean’s List:









Braydan Gibson, Ripon, Calif., son of Mrs. Carrie Gibson

Tristan Spuller, Kendallville, Ind., son of Mrs. Tami Spuller

Jerrica Smith, Ashland, Ohio, daughter of Miss Marlene Rhoades

Anastasia Suderman, Goshen, Ind., daughter of Mr. Bradley Suderman

Tessa Parker, Indianapolis, Ind., daughter of Mr. Timothy Parker

Paul Blankley, Mooresville, N.C., son of Dr. & Mrs. Alan Blankley

Elizabeth Lorenz, Peru, Ind., daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Doyle Lorenz

Sarah Adams, International, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Frank Adams

Megan Carpenter, Pendleton, Ind., daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Scott Carpenter

Jarod Ward, Elida, Ohio, son of Dr. & Mrs. Shawn Ward

Meredith Hollar, Warsaw, Ind., daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Steven Hollar

David VanHorn, Akron, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Brown

Caitlin Brown, Elkhart, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Brown

Theresa Krystaponis, Louisville, Ky., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Krystaponis

Colin Hayes, Goshen, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. B. Douglas Hayes

Madison Cowman, Quincy, Ill., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bob Cowman

Margaret Poorman, North Lawrence, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bob Poorman

Claire Byers, Ostrander, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Brad Byers

Charlotte Byers, Ostrander, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Brad Byers

Alexandria Brown, Caro, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Brown

Macey Bickford, Kokomo, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bickford

Emily Propp, Warsaw, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carroll Propp

Amanda Lessick, Brownsburg, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lessick

Katelyn O’Neal, Plymouth, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles O’Neal

John Robertson, Mansfield, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robertson

Hannah Todd, Hagerstown, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Todd

Drake Darrah, Buffalo Grove, Ill., son of Mr. & Mrs. Craig Darrah

Thomas Nishimoto, Lakewood, Calif., son of Mr. & Mrs. Darrel Nishimoto

Alysha Beachy, Arcola, Ill., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Beachy

Amy Hamstra, Demotte, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Hamstra

Cole Helman, Maugansville, Md., son of Mr. & Mrs. David Helman

Lydia Marsh, Danville, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Marsh

Lydia Yurkovich, Concord Twp., Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Yurkovich

Benjamin Fultz, Hagerstown, Md., son of Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fultz

Sarah Smith, Loveland, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Smith

Kyle Kent, Indianapolis, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Duane Kent

Christen Karako, Galena, Mont., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Karako

Gabriel Eberstein, Warsaw, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Eberstein

Jo Richard, Warsaw, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gary Richard

Lauren Watt, Bedford, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Watt

Lauren Rekeweg, Auburn, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rekeweg

Angela Taviano, Lima, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Miller

Emily Apgar, Warrenton, Va., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Apgar

Shoshannah Bontrager, Middlebury, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Bontrager

Kayla Fredrick, International, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Fredrick

Kylie Tester, Huntington, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Tester

Gabriel Vervynckt, Plymouth, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. James Vervynckt

Erika Combs, Fort Wayne, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jason Combs

Asia Weimer, Waterloo, I.A., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jason Weimer

Hannah England, Metamora, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jeff England

Logan Swartzentruber, Dalton, Ohio, Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Swartzentruber

Rebecca Meyer, Winnebago, Ill., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery Meyer

Bryce Glock, Leesburg, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Glock

Aleena Sallot, Lagrange, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sallot

Abigail Strausbaugh, Ashland, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Strausbaugh

Adam  Miller, Fort Wayne, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. John Miller

Mariah Shetler, Ubly, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Shetler

Alexandra Urschalitz, Winona Lake, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Urschalitz

Alec Carey, Uniontown, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Carey

Laura Schwartz, Plymouth, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schwartz

Noah Pixton, North Royalton, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Pixton

Marta Bleed, Fort Wayne, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bleed

Jenna  Bragg, Warsaw, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Bragg

Adam Penird, Hartville, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Penird

Alexandra Sanford, Greeley, Colo., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. Lane Sanford

Cassandra Jensen, Danville, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lane Jensen

Elaine  Avila, Mauldin, S.C., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Larry Alsop

Jenna  Jackson, Fort Wayne, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jackson

Abby McMillan, Indianapolis, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Larry McMillan

Cody Jones, Three Rivers, Mich., son of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Jones

Kirsten Mead, Powell, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Mead

Krystyna Borkowski, New Paris, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Leszek Borkowski

Gabrielle Lawrence, Columbus, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lawrence

Callie Tucker, Mansfield, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tucker

Jeanette Sanchez, Leesburg, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Melesio Sanchez

Kayla Cervenka, Geneva, Ill., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cervenka

Megan Johnson, Lewisburg, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson

Emily Zilz, Columbia City, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zilz

Hannah Scott, Canyon Country, Calif., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter Scott

Sarah Landfair, Troy, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Phil Landfair

Charlotte Sullenger, Grand Blanc, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Philip Sullenger

Amelia Colon, Fort Wayne, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Rafael Colon

Michelle Sweers, Union, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Sweers

Samuel Harstine, Norton, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Harstine

Kurt Hamlin, Tipp City, Ohio, son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hamlin

Abbey Hartwiger, Warsaw, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hartwiger

Jayna Huber, Peru, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Huber

Gabrielle Kuszewski, Spring Lake, Mich., son of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Kuszewski

Mariah Munn, Goshen, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ross Munn

Joshua Petgen, Warsaw, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Petgen

Stephen Becker, Spring Hill, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Scott Becker

Samantha Furto, Westville, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Scott Furto

Alixandra Underwood, Muncie, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Scott Underwood

Brennan Angle, Nappanee, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Shannon Angle

Austin Kaufman, Goshen, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Kaufman

Nolan  Miller, Goshen, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Miller

Michael Challinor, Coeur D’ Alene, Ida., son of Mr. & Mrs. Simon Challinor

Katherine Yoder, Lakeville, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Brueck

Susan Negowski, Bath, Ohio, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Negowski

Carianne Sobey, Bull Valley, Ill., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sobey

Brett Taulbee , Auburn, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Taulbee

Tommy Gifford, son of Mr. & Mrs. Steve Gifford

Grant  Carlson, Winona Lake, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Steven Carlson

Hannah Ringler, Brownsburg, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Steven Ringler

Danielle Deal, Avilla, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Deal

Katherine Morrisroe, Valparaiso, Ind.,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Morrisroe

Joshua Hanlon, Osceola, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hanlon

Morgan Rogers, Winona Lake, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Rogers

Lily Van Loh, Lansing, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Van Loh

Courtney Wydo, Oakland, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Wydo

Olivia Chiodo, Racine, Wis., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Trace Chiodo

Tarran Gill, Elkhart, Ind., son of Mr. & Mrs. Troy Gill

Emma Neahusan, Middletown, Mar., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Troy Neahusan

Elizabeth Price, Milwaukee, Wis., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Price

Andrea Peterson, Highland, Mich., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Peterson

Carissa Eisenmann, Woodburn, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Eisenmann

Jennifer Griffis, Pendleton, Ind., daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Griffis

Leah Robinson, Goshen, Ind., daughter of Mr. Mark Hayes

Abigail Schue, Warsaw, Ind., daughter of Mrs. Denise Schue

Gary Rodgers, Martinez, Ga., son of Ms. Angie Brown

Gabrielle Braley, West Olive, Mich., daughter of Ms Bessy Braley

Raven  Arellano, Columbus, Ohio, daughter of Ms Kareen Loper

Caleb Leichty, Bourbon, Ind., son of Rev & Mrs. Brent Leichty

Rachel Gregory, Doylestown, Ohio, daughter of Rev & Mrs. Daniel Gregory

Andrew Halferty, Warsaw, Ind., son of Rev & Mrs. Michael Halferty

Matthias Meiers, Mansfield, Ohio, son of Rev & Mrs. Nathaniel Meiers

Anna Barge, Phoenix, Ariz., daughter of Rev & Mrs. Robert Barge

Kathryn Anderson, Port Huron, Mich., daughter of Rev & Mrs. Timothy Anderson

Meghan Wiles, Pendleton, Ind., daughter of Rev & Mrs. Tom Wiles

Rachel Gruenloh, Jasper, Ind., daughter of Thomas Gruenloh

Caleb Clower, Ind.

Caleb Adams, Ind.

Robert Barnhill, Ohio.

Lydia Bronner, Wis.

Jessica Dunning, Ohio.

Kari Feddema, Mich.

Isaac Thompson, Ind.

Amanda Torres, Mich.

Jenna Kieper, Ind.

Katlyn Knuver, Mich.

Angela Mack, Ohio.

Torrey Matthes, Ind.

Allison Norman, Ind.

Bailey Gerber, Ind.

Jordan McIntyre, Ind.

Kirstin Spohn, Ind.

Cynthia Lursen, Ind.

David Summe, Ind.

Shawn Basham, Ind.,

Teresa Boyer, Ind.

Aletha Dobbins, Ind.

Leland Dush, Ind.

Marshall Corson, Ind.

Albert Barnes , Ind.

James Woten, Ind.

Autumn Marcotte, Ind.

Shanel Huerta, Ind.

Ronald Ledford, Ind.

Gary Murphy, Ind.

Amanda Peters, Ind.

Joanne Brown, Ind.

Jason Sell, Ind.

Donald Hibbert, Ind.

Danielle Gabriele, Ind.

Erin Stroup, Ind.

Mary Puckett, Ind.

Lindsay Sell, Ind.

Michele Adams, Md.

Jessica Oswalt, Mich.

Jessica Jobe, Ind.

Dallas Hartman, Ind.

Ryan Myers, Ind.

Jason Fites, Ind.

Roy Bennett, Ind.

Travis Arnett, Ind.

Ryan Willoughby, Ind.

Robert Jeffers, Ind.

Enlow Ross, Ind.

Brian Thornton, Ind.

Courtney Pape, Ind.

Mary Muthleb, Mich.

Megan Babin, Ind.

Carley Brechner, Ind.

Christopher Norris, Mich.

Liesl Ritz, Ind.

Michael Huntine, Ind.

Gretchen Wood, Ind.

Allyson Furnas, Ind.

Andrea Rocha, Ind.

Sherri Reneker, Ind.

Jessica Lokotar, Ind.

Amy Hurd, Ind.

Brent Benzinger, Ind.

Christopher Merrill, Ind.

Mallory Rondeau, Ind.

Eugenia Bell, Ind.





Grace College Encourages Prospective Students to Submit FAFSA

Thursday, February 11th, 2016

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the form by which federal and state governments determine need, can help students cover tuition, room and board. Indiana students may be eligible to receive state grants by submitting the FAFSA by March 10, 2016.

“Applying for college should go hand-in-hand with filing a FAFSA,” said Cindy Sisson, vice president for enrollment management at Grace College.  “After being accepted to a college and filing a FAFSA, students will receive information on the federal, state and institutional financial aid for which they are eligible,” she continued.

The FAFSA can be completed online at and the school code for Grace College is 001800.  Students may include up to 10 college codes on their FAFSA.

“Students who are accepted to Grace and include code 001800 on their FAFSA will receive a personalized letter from us detailing the complete financial aid package we can offer.  Then, an admissions counselor will call them to answer any questions and ensure they understand all aid available to them,” said Sisson.

Grace College endeavors to make quality, Christian higher education accessible to as many students as possible.  Ninety-nine percent of Grace College students receive financial aid.  Admissions counselors are always available to answer questions and assist families in securing aid, including filing the FAFSA.


For more information about applying to Grace College or general questions about financial aid, visit or call 866-974-7223.  Personalized assistance for filing a FAFSA is also available at College Goal Sunday on Sunday, Feb. 21 at 2 p.m. at 42 locations around the state.  For a full list of Indiana locations, visit

Grace College Seniors Exhibit Artwork

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Ethan Grove, majoring in graphic design, poses in front of his display at the art exhibit in Mount Memorial Hall.

The Mount Memorial Gallery on the campus of Grace College is showcasing the first of three senior art exhibits. Students in the department of visual, performing, and media arts are displaying cumulative and thesis work.  The senior exhibit is open to the public now through Feb. 20, Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturday 1 – 4 p.m.  The opening reception with the artists will take place Friday, Feb. 12 from 7 – 9 p.m.

The exhibit showcases the students’ individual talents and academic skills acquired at Grace. There are eight participants: art major Jenna Bragg, illustration major Gabriel Shennum, web design major Joshua Welling, photography major Kelsey Hosler and graphic design majors Jana Kern, Ethan Grove, Kaylee Shull, and William Watkins.

The Grace College art department’s goal is to equip graduates with the ability to communicate visually, possess professional skills and be able to analyze works from historical and contemporary cultural perspectives. Students learn to demonstrate excellence in creative work that ultimately serves in their calling as artists, Christians and professionals.

The Mount Memorial Gallery is located at 200 Seminary Dr. in Winona Lake.  For more information, visit or call 866-974-7223. Or, email questions to

Lancers earn two NAIA qualifiers

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Grace’s track and field team continued its impressive indoor season with several national qualifiers and seven new school records.

The Lancers split their efforts between the IWU Invitational and the Hillsdale Classic on Saturday.

Nathan Brown highlighted Grace’s day at the Hillsdale Classic. Brown placed second overall in the heptathlon, scoring 4,708 points to qualify for NAIA Nationals and set a school record in the process.

At the IWU Invitational, Jo Boren also qualified for NAIA Nationals. She won the 400-meter run, crossing the finish line in a time of 59.11 seconds.

Lance Taylor nearly became Grace’s third NAIA qualifier of the day. He won the 600 race in 1:22.73, missing the NAIA mark by just 0.13 seconds.

“We are extremely pleased with the progress we are making so far in this young season,” said Grace head coach Jeff Raymond. “It’s great to see records and personal bests in such a wide variety of events, and we look for even better things as the season progresses.”

Grace’s relay teams set three new school records. The 4×200 team of Cameron Johnson, Joel Zook, Jared Poorman and Austin Keisling took first place in a record time of 1:32.73. The 4×400 foursome of Poorman, Matthew Lee, Johnson and Taylor set the program record in 3:27.59.

The women’s 4×200 also set a school record when Micah Pollard, Boren, Maggie Poorman and Allison Gatchell won the race in 1:47.32.

Raven Arellano met the NCCAA national standard in the 3000 with a school-record time of 11:09.43, and Paige Kindig bettered her own record in the pole vault at 10-feet-5.25. Keisling also upped his school record in the 60 dash with a time of 7.15 seconds.

In the men’s 400, both Zook and Jared Poorman met the NCCAA mark, and Nolan Miller just missed the mark at 52.72.

Additionally, Lee and Sam Hall set personal-best times in the 800, and Maggie Poorman had a PR in the 400 while qualifying for NCCAAs.

The Lancers have one meet remaining before turning their attention to indoor nationals. Grace will travel to Upland, Ind., on Feb. 13 for the Taylor Invitational.

Grace College and Seminary Named Top Online Master’s in Counseling Program in Nation

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Grace College and Seminary’s department of graduate counseling has received highest ranking by two independent organizations. and SuperScholar have named Grace at the top of their respective reviews. gleaned the top 10 online Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling based on regional and national accreditation as well as graduate student tuition and fees.  Grace College and Seminary’s department of graduate counseling ranked number one in the nation.

SuperScholar named the nation’s top 50 Master’s in Psychology schools among all regionally accredited distance programs and recognized Grace’s department of graduate counseling as 19th nationwide.  SuperScholar uses their Smart Choice ranking system to help individuals find the best program in their field of interest using the metrics of cost, flexibility, academic reputation, and starting salaries of graduates.

As noted by SuperScholar, Grace College’s department of graduate counseling curriculum “interprets the truths of psychology and the social sciences through the lens of Scripture.”  Courses include practicums and internships with licensed supervisors as well as two capstone processes.  At Grace, with the lowest tuition of all top 10 schools named by, online graduate counseling students may choose a three-year or an accelerated two-year plan of study, each involving a short residency on campus each August.


Dean of the School of Behavioral Science, Tom Edgington, commented “I am very proud of the team that we have here at Grace. The faculty are committed to develop professionally-skilled clinicians who have a heart for God and for helping hurting people.”

For more information on the rankings, visit and  To learn more about online academic opportunities through Grace College and Seminary, visit or call 800-823-8533.

Dr. Matthew Harmon: How to Have Unshakeable Joy Like Paul

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Dr. Matthew Harmon’s devotional “How to Have Unshakeable Joy Like Paul” was published today on  Harmon is professor of New Testament studies at Grace College and Seminary.  His recent book, Philippians: A Mentor Commentary (Christian Focus, 2015) was recognized in The Gospel Coalition’s Top Books of 2015 as the winning book in the Bible and Theology category. 

Unshakeable Joy

For many of us, life is hard. Our daily circumstances seem to conspire to rob us of our joy. Maybe you’re stuck in a job that you do not like and doesn’t pay enough to cover your bills. Maybe you’re in a difficult marriage or have a strained relationship with a family member. Maybe you’re trying to follow Jesus, but the people around you make fun of you for being so “religious.” Or maybe you’re struggling with a health problem that makes it difficult to do even the most basic everyday activities.

In the midst of these realities, experiencing constant, deep, and long lasting joy can seem unattainable. But the Bible repeatedly talks about experiencing a kind of joy that transcends our circumstances. Jesus told his disciples that he wanted them to experience the fullness of his joy in their lives (John 14:11; 16:24; 17:13). The apostle Paul calls believers to “Rejoice always” (1 Thes 5:16). But how is that possible?

Paul wrote a letter to the Philippians that is saturated with joy. Sixteen times in just four chapters Paul uses words like rejoice or joy to describe what our state of mind or general attitude should be as Christians. And he writes this joy-soaked letter in the midst of his own difficult circumstances. He was under house arrest in Rome, living in a rented apartment (at his own expense!) chained to a different Roman soldier every few hours. This on top of the three years he had spent in prison in Caesarea. So by the time he wrote to the Philippians, he had been in Roman custody for several years. Yet rather than allow his circumstances to drive him to despair, he experienced deep joy and pleaded with the Philippians to share in his joy.

The complete devotional can be read here.


Visitors Welcome at Billy Sunday Home

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Image by Brandpoet

The historic Billy Sunday Home, owned and operated by the history and political science department of Grace College and Seminary, is open for tours. After interior renovations in 2000, work to repair the home’s exterior began last summer. Grace College and other generous donors have provided the necessary funds to fully restore this historic landmark.

Billy Sunday was an acclaimed evangelist in the early Twentieth Century. Due to Sunday’s fame, the iconic house in Winona Lake, built in 1911, has been a tourist destination since the early 1900s. After Billy’s death in 1935, Helen Sunday continued giving tours to curious passersby. It was her wish that the house remain available to the public after her own death in 1957.

Visitors can expect to learn about the Sunday family, enjoy beautiful architecture and a full tour of the home. Tours are given Tuesday through Saturday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and begin at the Winona History Center in Westminster Hall, located at 105 9th St., Winona Lake. For more information, visit or call 574-372-5193.

Chicago Tribune: Basketball All in Ruggles’ Family

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Josh Ruggles

The Ruggles family is making their mark on the basketball world. Dave and Holly Ruggles have founded Mercury Elite, a youth basketball program focused on providing participants with excellent coaching and opportunities for success. Their second-oldest child, Josh, is a freshman at Grace College and has set records that beat those of well-known players and garnered the attention of ESPN. Three younger siblings are equally skilled. Below is an article from The Chicago Tribune.

In 2012-13, their oldest son, Brandon, was the top rebounder in DuPage County for Wheaton Academy. Also in 2013, another son, Josh, made national and international headlines for his 3-point shooting prowess. He set a world record by hitting 135 3-pointers in five minutes – an accomplishment that made ESPN highlights and had him fielding interviews from all over the country. He also took part in an international 3-point shooting contest in Spain in 2013 and 2014, beating out world-class long-rage shooters such as Jaycee Carroll and former Bulls player Andres Nocioni.

And there are three more siblings ready to make their mark.

But the couple has an extended family in the form of the Mercury Elite and is making an even bigger impact. Dave Ruggles had been coaching a couple of Mercury Speed teams and in 2011-12 launched the Mercury Elite brand. Last season, it had 175 players and 19 teams.

“It’s grown despite my best efforts not to let it grow,” Dave Ruggles said jokingly. “I started it to have players learn the game the right way until their bodies catch up with them. Then, hopefully they will have a skill set to really go out and put it to work. People saw our success and admired the fact that we weren’t all about wins and losses, but the development of the players. They wanted to be a part of it.”

The complete article can be viewed here.

Grace College Provides VITA Program for Kosciusko County

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Grace alumnus Alberta Hanson receives assistance from Grace students Thomas Carini and Frani Gerst.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program offers free tax preparation to elderly, disabled, and lower-income individuals filing a basic tax return. The William P. Gordon Institute for Enterprise Development through the School of Business at Grace College and the United Way of Kosciusko County will partner again this year to host an IRS-endorsed VITA Program in Kosciusko County during February and March. Grace College students and community volunteers will work with individuals to meet their tax filing needs.

The William P. Gordon Institute and the United Way are seeking volunteers who are willing to help serve the Kosciusko community in this endeavor.  Volunteers will undergo certification training, though professional tax preparers may opt out of training and complete a test online for certification.

VITA aims to help working families take advantage of all tax credits for which they are eligible, including earned income tax credit, child tax credits and education credits. This not only assists the individual family, but also increases tax dollars in the county.

William P. Gordon Institute’s VITA Representative Al Grossnickle said the program is a synergistic opportunity for everyone in our community. “The Gordon Institute is excited to serve the community through VITA. We hope to involve many Grace College students and community friends in VITA this year.  Volunteers will get a unique, hands-on learning experience and the community recipients will benefit from free tax assistance,” he said.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a tax preparer, screener/greeter or in quality control, should contact Al Grossnickle at (574) 372-5100 ext. 6091.  Those interested in learning more about how the VITA program might help them can schedule an appointment by calling 211, the scheduling service.  Appointments will begin February 1 and will be available every Monday through Thursday at the Grace College Manahan Orthopaedic Capital Center and selected Saturdays at IVY Tech and Grace College during February and March. For more information, please visit here.

Grace College Headed to Kalahari Youth Event

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

For more than 10 years, Grace College and Seminary has participated in the Kalahari Winter Youth Retreat in Sandusky, Ohio. On January 22-24, Grace admissions counselors will carry on the tradition and represent Grace to prospective students at this fun winter event.

Kalahari Retreat Center provides the backdrop for this annual, Grace Brethren-affiliated youth event. According to Kalahari Winter Retreat’s co-director Jeff Walter, the retreat was established in 2006. It initially accommodated only a few Grace Brethren churches and around 300 participants. Now, 10 years later, over 300 youth leaders and 2,000 students attend. Each retreat hosts nationally-known speakers and bands. This year, David Nasser, director of David Nasser Outreach, will speak.

Grace College uses the Kalahari retreat to reach out and inform high school students about the opportunities Grace offers. “It’s crucial to network and connect with Grace Brethren students, youth pastors and churches,” said Mark Pohl, Director of Admissions. “Each year, we also look forward to connecting with students from other churches.”

For more information about the winter youth retreat, visit or call 419-332-2623. To connect with the Grace College admissions office, visit or call 866-974-7223.