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Myth Busters: Grace College Edition

Myth Busters: Grace College Edition

Have you ever discovered something new about someone you have known for your entire life? It may have been a parent who one day told you more about their childhood. It could have been a friend you assumed you knew everything about. As humans, we tend to believe we already know everything we need to know, especially about things in our own backyard.

Misconceptions can be innocent enough, like correcting someone on where you were born. But they don’t just apply to people. Like judging a book by its cover, you don’t really know what’s going on in a place until you look inside.

We have discovered that people hold some interesting ideas about Grace College, even people who live nearby. No matter how far away you are from our campus, there may be some things you thought you knew about us. If so, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Dispelling the Myths About Cost

The loudest myth about Grace is that we are too expensive. The cost of college is a valid concern. After all, if you’re going to rack up a mountain of debt before you even earn a dollar in your chosen field, how can anyone afford to attend college? And a private Christian college at that?!?

Given that the annual family income of more than 47% of undergraduates is less than $40,000, the cost is going to be talked about. But Grace has done a lot of work to ensure that a college career spent here is a wise investment. Students can obtain a bachelor’s degree in just three years and a master’s degree in four years with our accelerated degree option. One doesn’t need a math degree to understand this will save thousands of dollars.

Myth Busters: Grace College EditionBut we still must pay for those degrees, right? Yes, but we’re going to help you there as well. Besides having a focus on sustained affordability, we handed out over $2 million in scholarships in 2018 alone through our Presidential Scholarship Competition. In fact, 99% of undergraduates receive financial aid. Besides that, we never raise your tuition beyond what you paid for your first year.

The Difference Between Sessions and Semesters

When people hear that they can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in three years, they wonder about the catch. We offer eight-week sessions, allowing students to complete two sessions in the same amount of time that other colleges complete a semester.

While this sounds like a lot of information to stuff into a small amount of time, students have enjoyed the challenge. But if it sounds like Grace is all work and no play, we can dispel that myth as well. We have a beautiful lake nearby and miles of bike paths that run right through our campus. These provide natural distractions for study breaks.

Our campus has provided plenty of extracurricular activities on campus. These include club sports, community service opportunities, and campus groups and clubs. There are so many events and activities to engage students that each one also learns how to organize their time.Myth Busters: Grace College Edition

Limited in Scope

Have you ever driven by the same business for years without knowing what goes on inside the building? One of the myths we hear from people is that Grace is only a college for pastors. That’s an easy mistake, not realizing Grace is a college and a seminary. We do train men and women to become pastors, but we also train men and women to do lots of other things as well.

Some people knew that but assumed we were just a School of Education. We do have a superb School of Education, and yes, a School of Ministry Studies, but we also have a School of Business, a School of Arts & Sciences, and a School of Behavioral Sciences. (We also have an online school, in case you heard differently.)

Rather than limiting our scope, Grace continues to expand to be able to serve a broader audience. In the last couple of years alone, we have added degrees in Agricultural Business, Digital Marketing, and Mechanical Engineering.

Oh, and if you’ve heard that Grace is an all-girls school, the men on campus might have something to say about that.

What do you know?

Reading this far has hopefully corrected misconceptions you may have held. Of course, the best way to know everything about our campus would be to come and visit us and experience a day on campus. Then you can ask our awesome Admissions team all the questions you have.

We believe you are one of us! That’s no myth.


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