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Grace Theological Seminary introduces Deploy™

A competency-based theological education (CBTE) model delivered online and on-site within a ministry context at your local church.

This is seminary at the speed of life—a safe pace designed to minimize disruption to ministry, work, and family priorities, optimizing spiritual formation in the lives of the participants. And the best part? It prepares leaders within your church without creating unnecessary vacancies in your staff. It’s where a deeply theological education meets the practical learning laboratory of the local church.

In Your Local Church

We call this “the future of seminary” because the most distinguishing factor is the partnership with the local church. While we utilize an online platform and on-site modules, much of Deploy’s contextual training and practical mentoring happens where it will take root and have impact – in your local church.

Ministry Mentors

Students will have access to credentialed faculty members to dialogue concerning the academic content and the progress on related competencies. Ministry and Formation Mentors will provide feedback on ministry skills, and the personal, and spiritual development of each student.