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Grace College Introduces School of Science and Engineering

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Grace College is adding a seventh academic school to its portfolio this June – the School of Science and Engineering (formerly part of the School of Arts and Sciences).  The Department of Science and Mathematicsthe Department of Engineering and the nursing program will now have their own academic school.

“The institution is committed to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and we want to structure our programs to reflect this priority,” said Dr. Kevin Roberts, provost at Grace College. “By introducing the School of Science and Engineering and giving our STEM programs their own home, we can increase resources and advancements in these fields and expand the agility of these programs as they respond to the needs of our community and the needs within the broader market.”

According to Roberts, the school has added computer science and medical imaging over the past few years to respond to the needs of the job market and community. He also noted that the ABET-accredited engineering program, which emphasizes industry-based instruction, is projected to benefit significantly from having a centralized school.

The School of Science and Engineering will house two academic centers focused on Kosciusko County: the recently established Center for Movement and Well-Being, which will provide programming, education and research assisting residents in their exercise, wellness and overall well-being; and the Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams, a research and education center committed to making local freshwater lakes and streams clean, healthy, safe and beautiful.

Dr. Nate Bosch, current professor of environmental science and director of the Lilly Center for Lakes and Streams, will transition to also serve as dean of the School of Science and Engineering.

“With 20 years of aquatic waterways research and experience in fundraising and advocacy to establish the Lilly Center as the premier center for aquatic research, Dr. Bosch brings essential experiences and connections into the role that will elevate our science programs and help grow the networks surrounding them,” said Roberts.

As Bosch steps into his new role, he looks forward to serving students — and Kosciusko County — through new and existing avenues.

“I am thankful for how God has led the Lilly Center to further Grace College’s mission to prepare students for service,” said Bosch. “I am excited about how this enhanced focus on STEM programs will prepare students and serve our community in even better ways. Kosciusko County is home to my family, and I look forward to serving in this new role with the School of Science and Engineering as well as in my existing role with the Lilly Center.”

Dr. Rick Roberts, pre-health professions coordinator and associate professor of biology at Grace, will serve as the associate dean of the School of Science and Engineering. Roberts advises all ten of Grace’s pre-health science concentrations and has contributed to Grace’s strong medical school acceptance rates: 87% overall and as high as 95% in some concentrations.

Roberts and Dr. Joe Frentzel, Dr. Eugene Inman endowed chair of the Department of Science and Mathematics at Grace, will coordinate many of the day-to-day operations and play a crucial role in launching the new school.

“This is an important first step in the ongoing advancement of the fields of science, math and engineering at Grace,” said Dr. Kevin Roberts. “Over the next ten years, the U.S. Labor Bureau of Statistics is projecting job market growth in these professions ranging between 5-45%. We will continue to work closely with our local community leaders and look at the national trends as we explore the many opportunities that Grace can pursue. I am excited to see how the Lord leads Grace as we seek to know Him and to make Him known through these fields of study.”

To learn more about the School of Science and Engineering at Grace, visit

The Department of Visual, Performing and Media Arts and the Department of Humanities will continue to be a part of the School of Arts and Humanities.

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