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Find Your Team with Christian Higher Education

The Path of Christian Higher Education

In 1999, National Geographic launched its novel National Geographic Expeditions. Now, Expeditions operate hundreds of trips each year, spanning across all seven continents and more than 80 destinations. Accompanying each expedition is a diverse team of experts – from naturalists to regional specialists – who share their insights about wildlife, landscape, and local culture. These dynamic expedition teams are one of the chief reasons people pay large amounts of money to join these trips. Why?  

Because behind every successful journey is a team. 

If an individual wants to summit Kilimanjaro successfully, he better have the right team to get him to the top! The same is true professionally; behind every successful CEO, coach, or superintendent is a group of people who helped them get where they are. We all need a diverse team of experts to share their insights with us, push us, and cheer us on in our journey.  This is one of the most valuable characteristics of higher education. 

College helps you build a team. 

College expands your network and connects you to individuals who care about the same things you do. The opportunity to interact with expert scholars in your field, study with peers that enjoy similar topics, and live alongside friends seeking to solve the same problems as you is unique. It is the ideal setting to create your very own ‘expedition team.’ 

At Grace College, an institution of Christian higher education in Winona Lake, Indiana, we take this very seriously. 

Our small class sizes mean that every student is highly-valued and deeply-cared for, both intellectually and emotionally. Our faith spurs our professors to teach as experts, but also to mentor as guides. A study conducted by Gallup found that our alumni were more than twice as likely to strongly agree that their “professors care about them as people” compared to college graduates nationally. That means when crisis strikes, our faculty are there at the drop of a hat to sit with you in your stress and in your pain. 

In fact, most Grace graduates can point to a specific mentoring relationship in college — with a professor, another student, or a community member — that changed their lives and their careers forever. At Grace, we encourage our students to create conversation, weigh questions, and reimagine solutions together. We connect them with local internships and job opportunities. We introduce them to national, state, and community leaders in their field.  

We help students build a team for their journey ahead. 

And when it comes time for our Golden Graduates (our 50-year alumni) to walk across the stage at commencement, they testify that their team at Grace did so much more than prepare them for a successful career — it prepared them for a fulfilling life of purpose. 

This is the way we do Christian higher education. 

We call it the way of Grace.

Find your team. 

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