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Esports Recruitment

Your Guide To Join the Esports Team

Step 1. Fill Out a Recruitment Form

Our Recruitment Form takes less than 5 minutes and shows you are interested in the Esports Team and a scholarship opportunity.

Step 2. Join the Discord

Play games with the Grace Esports Team, chat with the coach, communicate over text and voice chat, and keep up to date on what's happening!

Step 3. Apply

It takes only 5-10 minutes, is completely free and online, and connects you to an Admissions Counselor who can help you with financial aid questions.

Step 4. Esports Scholarship Meeting

Meet with the Head Esports Coach to talk over the esports scholarship and see how much you are able to save!

Step 5. Sign Letter of Intent

By signing the letter of intent, you are accepting the scholarship offer and committing to attending Grace College to play on the esports team! Your coach will email this to you.

Welcome to the Grace family. Go Lancers!