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Enneagram One: College Edition

Learn about the Grace College Experience through the lens of an Enneagram One: The “Reformer” or “Perfectionist”

Learn about the Grace College Experience through the lens of an Enneagram One: The “Reformer” or “Perfectionist”

The Enneagram is a fascinating personality typing system that teaches there are nine different personality styles in the world. If you don’t know anything about the enneagram, visit the Enneagram Institute online to learn more. If you are a self-proclaimed “Enneagram-er,” read on! 

Ones are known as the “Reformer” or “Perfectionist.” They are the rational, idealistic type: principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.

Student Spotlight:

Staci Sharik

Why do you identify as a one?

I am definitely a perfectionist and have an extremely strong moral compass.

How has that played into your college experience?

Being in the Psychology department has been a great challenge for me. I often see most matters as black or white, so learning more about the many gray areas in life has really stretched me. The professors in my psychology classes can be tough but strive for excellence in learning and understanding which I really appreciate.

What study tips do you have for your fellow ones?

Make a study guide and then a Quizlet! My primary way of studying is by making a list of things I need to remember and then translating it into a Quizlet. I also benefit greatly by re-writing key points and definitions in my own handwriting.

How are you involved on campus?

I love attending SAB events as well as being a part of intramurals.

Things to Consider While Selecting a College:

There are so many things to consider while choosing a college, but here are a few factors that might be extra important to consider as a one. 

School Values — because you have a strong moral compass, it could be difficult to be at a school with values that differ greatly from your own. It’s also important to consider, does this school even have a defined moral standard?

Majors that You Might Thrive In:

We aren’t saying that these are the only programs that you would fit in, nor are we suggesting that every enneagram one would be good in these fields. However, given your natural tendencies, you might just have a knack for one of these.

  1. Law — As a one, you have a desire to make things “right.” As a lawyer, you could channel your inner moral compass to bring justice to marginalized and disenfranchised individuals. 
  2. Graphic Design — You are a perfectionist. Use your critical eye to create clean designs that effectively deliver a message. It’s a huge service to a brand’s credibility that their marketing is without flaw.

Campus Involvement Opportunities:

Again, these are not cookie-cutter placements, but here are some ways that, as a one, you can develop your skills to make things right and exercise your desire to reform.

  1. Council for Diversity and Inclusion — Help represent minorities on campus through celebration, education, and connection. 
  2. Student Senate — Promote campus unity and work to address relevant issues by acting as a catalyst for change!

Alumni Advice:

Grace College alumnus gives advice to college students who identify as a one.

Vince Sell, 2012 Graduate, Enneagram 1

  1. Allow your One-ness to be an asset by being organized, making lists, and asking questions others may not think to ask to make things better. Learn about the Grace College Experience through the lens of an Enneagram One: The “Reformer” or “Perfectionist”
  2. Give yourself a time limit and then move on. It is too easy to dive headfirst into something and miss out on time with friends. 
  3. Be cautious of how many things you take on. You will spend a lot more time than other people will trying to make your projects perfect, so pick things that are very important to you and don’t be afraid to say no. 
  4. Let’s others take ownership, and don’t be afraid to let them fail. (Maybe look over their work if it is a group project, but let them do their part). 
  5. Have things that are just for you, so you can be in control of something when the rest of life seems out of your control.

Ways to Pursue Growth:

Here’s a practical growth step for you during your college experience.

Give yourself grace. Next time you get a B or an A-, don’t beat yourself up. Find ways to celebrate the growth and learning you did achieve in the studying process. Don’t focus on the grade, focus on your effort.

Stay tuned for posts about the eight other enneagram types! Give us a call and find out how ones thrive at Grace!

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