Clubs and Campus Involvement

Student Involvement

Student Involvement oversees campus culture through different student-led organizations and clubs. Want to get involved on campus? You’re in the right place.

Student Involvement is housed in the Office of Student Involvement which is primarily run by student leaders in a professional setting. Designed to promote social responsibility and spiritual growth, Student Involvement offers a wide range of clubs and services, from ministry teams to academic clubs to intramural sports to performance arts opportunities. We will help you explore your interests and find the best fit.

Student Activities Board (SAB)

SAB is a group of event planners that facilitates activities to bring the campus together. Beyond simply providing fun, these activities assist students in building and deepening relationships. SAB members meet once a week with other officers in the Student Involvement Offices.

Popular events include: Homecoming Banquet/Variety Show, Cereal Bar, The Joust (a 4-day campus competition), Lake Day, Taste of Warnona, and bingo, trivia and movie nights.


Grace Intramural Program (GIP)

GIP makes intra-collegiate sports available to all students.

Sports include: flag football, volleyball, basketball and soccer.

GIP events include: rocking climbing, ski trips, futsal and dodgeball tournaments.


Club Sports

Club sport teams offer students a structured opportunity to compete with other college sport teams.

Sports include: shooting club and ultimate frisbee.


Disc Golf

Grace College’s campus hosts a disc golf course that is available for students and the community to enjoy.

Disc Golf Course Map



SERVE is a student-led ministry program that give students opportunities to explore their dreams, talents and passions to serve others. Students can join an existing team, event and/or be equipped to make their vision of serving a reality.

SERVE teams include: Heartline Pregnancy Center, food pantries, mentors for youth, bingo with seniors and more.



Senate consists of the student body president and class representatives who promote campus unity, address relevant issues and influence change to improve the student experience at Grace.


Sounding Board Newspaper

The Sounding Board is a professional bi-weekly newspaper that encourages equity in student in expression.


Roots Magazine

Roots Magazine is a bi-yearly yearbook in magazine form that captures and preserves the essence of the year.


Council for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI)

CDI seeks to celebrate different cultures and traditions by hosting monthly events and by serving as a hub to connect students of color, as well as other minority demographics, to one another. Grace knows not all of its students come from the same background or have the same experiences. CDI is a place for students to make connections with other students who share in their experiences.

CDI related clubs include: Black Student Association (BSA)


Red Zone

The Red Zone is Grace’s student cheer block who oversees theme nights at sporting events and tailgates.


Improv Comedy Club

Back in Five is Grace’s improv comedy club designed to develop, hone and showcase the skills of improvisational comedy. Students write, rehearse and perform both short and long form sketches for the college and community.


Cinema Conversations Club

Cinema Conversations hosts regular film viewings on campus and invite students to have a discussion afterwards centered around how the films’ themes impact faith.


Contact Director of Student Involvement Kearstin Criswell.