Undergraduate Students

Application Steps

Step 1 – Complete Our Online Application


Step 2 – Transcripts and School Reference

Download the School Reference and Transcript Request Form. The School Reference and Transcript Request Form should be given to your guidance counselor or other appropriate official at your high school to complete. He or she will then mail it to us with your official transcripts.



Step 3 – Submit SAT, ACT, or CLT Scores

All first-year freshmen applicants must submit an official copy of their ACT, SAT, or CLT scores. An official copy of your scores may be obtained from your high school or by request from www.act.org, www.sat.org, or www.cltexam.com. The Grace College code numbers are 1198 for the ACT and 1252 for the SAT.

Application Evaluation

Once your completed application, transcripts, and official ACT, SAT, or CLT scores have been received in our Admissions Office, your application for admission to Grace College will be complete and will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. (Grace College reserves the right to request additional information if needed.) The Admissions Committee will provide notification within two weeks regarding the status of your application.

Wait List

Applicants receive one of four decision letters: admit, deny, defer (for additional information) or wait list. Students on the wait list will be considered for admission at a later date if places in the class become available.

Enrollment Deposit

Once admission is granted, a place in the class can be secured by submitting a $200 enrollment deposit by the May 1 reply date. (Housing assignments are prioritized by date received.)

Important Deadlines

  • October 1

    First day the FAFSA can be submitted for the following school year.

  • November 1

    Early action admission (due for those participating in the invitation-only Presidential Scholarship Competition). Notification will arrive two weeks after completing the application.

  • February 16-17

    Invitation-only Presidential Scholarship Competition: Grace College awards 68 scholarships to participants based on academic merit, writing and interviews. $4,000 to $100,000 awards, which are renewable over four years.

  • March 1

    Preferential deadline for admission application (postmark or electronic submission). Notification will arrive two weeks after completing application.

  • April 15

    FAFSA deadline for residents of Indiana.

  • May 1

    National enrollment reply date for accepting admissions offer ($200 enrollment deposit due).

  • August 18-20

    Welcome Weekend, and classes begin.


Email Admissions or call 866-974-7223.