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Student Veteran Lounge

While Grace is excited to help enable veteran students to achieve their academic goals, we realize that our duty to veteran students does not begin or end with your call to the academic realm. Grace is dedicated to providing quality services to all students, and while we certainly desire to see you grow academically, we hope Grace’s services can provide a more holistic transition that serves you not only as a student, but as a child of God.

VA Student Services Center

We understand that military students face very different struggles and challenges compared to the typical civilian student. The call to the military has likely exposed you to things civilians cannot relate to or understand.

For this reason, Grace has established a VA Student Service Center on campus. This is a place where veteran students can connect and commune with fellow veterans, network and share strategies, information, and support as they adjust to a higher education environment. Gathering and sharing with brothers in Christ and in arms is a powerful means to closer communion with God. The Center also provides a place for veteran students to study and stay up-to-date regarding military announcements and civilian affairs, such as career placement.

This is what Grace Military Veteran students have to say about the Veteran Lounge

“The Veteran Lounge gives me a place to connect to people who understand what is going on in my life. A big part of that are things that most people have a hard time understanding. It has helped me create new and lasting friendships and given me a support system that I had at home and didn’t here.”

“The lounge is a great place to come and relax and watch a game or movie. Thank you for serving us in this way.”

“I am currently in the Veteran’s student lounge in the Gordon Center. This is my first visit here and I would like to tell you how incredible this facility is. I was in town this afternoon and had a paper I needed to finish. I was headed to the off campus lounge in Westminster when I remembered this was available and thought I would try it out. All I can say is WOW! Nice job to the individuals who are responsible for this. It makes my heart feel good that Grace College is reaching out to their Veteran Students in such a way. For traditional Veteran Students I imagine this provision to be invaluable. I appreciate belonging to an institution that holds to traditional values and appreciates the contributions and sacrifices of Veterans. Again, I would like to thank Grace College, its staff, and administrators for providing such a facility. It means more than you know.”

“The VA Lounge is a great place to study with friends, relax, and enjoy the company of other veterans. This lounge is a great place to spend my time whether I am studying or taking a break. I personally am very grateful for this lounge and the support I have gotten from the VA department at Grace.”