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Military Student Community

We realize that as military personnel, your story, your background, is significantly different from the typical civilian student. You have had experiences that the average freshman student has not, and for that reason, we understand that it is important for our military students to interact with other military personnel – classmates and colleagues who can relate and walk alongside you as you answer God’s calling and enter the transition to higher education. With several of our professors having served themselves, Grace is eager to provide veteran students with a supportive and understanding community of people who just “get it.” We offer several opportunities to help you touch base with that community:

  • Student Veteran Lounge – Because community and camaraderie are so important to our vision at Grace and your transition as a student, we created a place for the veteran students to interact. The Veteran Student Lounge, located in Mount Memorial, provides a perfect place for veteran students to come and relax between classes, eat, do homework, and spend time with other veteran students.
  • Savings at Local Businesses – Military discounts at local restaurants, home improvement stores, movies and more.