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Department of Languages, Literature, and Communication

With a simple phrase, “Let there be light,” God created the world. With a breath from His lungs, He gave humans life, purpose, and the gift of communication.

In love, He blessed us with the gift of communication out of a desire for deep relationship with His workmanship. He created and spoke our languages and used them to build, instruct, direct, bless, and save. When we look at the examples God has given us, it’s clear that language and communication are powerful and vital to the human experience. We believe that an intimate study of language can enhance the way we see our world.


With emphases on literary ideas, the diversity of language, and the power of good communication, our department equips students to pursue fruitful careers, helps them gain a firm knowledge of their own and others’ cultures, and enables them to develop professional writing and reading skills.

Our graduates leave enriched with skills and experiences that will define who they are and what they say for the rest of their lives. We offer many opportunities for involvement and expression including a student-run newspaper, podcast, and literary magazine; a forensic speech team; language clubs; and field trips. In addition, our department houses the Interdisciplinary Studies major, a flexible option for students with unique interests. Pursue your passion and find your voice!

Modern Language Program

Our program focuses on equipping individuals to serve Christ in a global community. In addition to learning to communicate effectively in another language, students gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of other cultures through specialized courses and Study Abroad experiences. By partnering with over half a dozen universities around the world and collaborating with local community partners, we provide students with authentic, immersive language experiences.

Modern Language Program Director
Prof. Lindsey Richter, Ph.D. |




English and Journalism Program

Recognizing that God is the creator of language, our program seeks to deepen students’ understanding of the complexities and creative potential of language while honing their reading and writing skills. Our students gain hands-on experience through involvement with our campus newspaper, literary magazine, and other publications, as well as off-campus internships, preparing them for career success.

English and Journalism Program Director
Dr. Lauren Rich |




Communication Program

Communication is both a fundamental part of human experience and a deeply complex activity. Our program equips students to be skillful and ethical communicators in a variety of contexts. Communication students can engage in applied learning through many avenues including our student-run podcast, public forums, and forensic speech team.

Two of our Communication students were selected to present original research at an R1 school. Read more.

Communication Program Director
Dr. Patrick Loebs |




Interdisciplinary Studies Program

This unique program allows students to create their own major by integrating a variety of disciplines as part of their work at Grace College in pursuit of either a B.A. or B.S. degree. Designed to promote creativity, problem solving, and curriculum flexibility, this major culminates in a senior project and related internship. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and successfully complete a curriculum proposal and interview process to be eligible for admission into the major.

Interdisciplinary Studies Advisor
Dr. Jared Burkholder |



Language, Literature and Communication in Action

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Languages, Literature, and Communication Department Chair:
Dr. Lauren Rich

Lauren G. Rich, Ph.D. |

(574) 372–5100, ext. 6151