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Grace for your wallet. How Grace College Tuition helps make a Christ-centered college education your reality.

No more Tuition Increase with Grace College

No More Tuition Increases

Most colleges incrementally raise tuition each year you are enrolled. As a traditional undergraduate student at Grace College, your tuition will never be higher than your first year of enrollment.

Tuition & Costs
Graduate in Three Years with Grace College

Graduate in Three Years

Get to the finish line faster and save an entire year of college tuition. Choose our three-year accelerated bachelor’s or stay a bit longer and earn your degree in four years.

Accelerated Bachelors Degree
Why is college important? Take advantage of the opportunities and rich experiences of learning and the importance of college at Grace College.

Add a Master’s Degree

Earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just four years total. Keep all your undergraduate financial aid through graduate school.

Bachelor’s + Master’s in 4 Years