Tips for Students

15 Tips and 2 Videos for Students Attending the NICE Expo Job Fair That Will Make a Difference


Do you want to enjoy success at the NICE Expo or other job fairs? Follow this advice and contact the Career Services Director at your school for additional suggestions.

  • Review the list of employers often, scanning for the latest additions right up until the actual day of the job fair.

  • Prepare a quality résumé and have one to distribute for each company that you plan to greet.

  • Do some background research online about the organizations that interest you most.

  • Carry your résumés in a nice portfolio or something that looks professional. Leave bulky and disorganized backpacks in your residence hall.

  • Dress professionally. No jeans and overly casual attire. Be well groomed and ready to make a professional appearance.

  • Come with a friend, but explore the career fair and talk to the employers without your friend by your side. This will help you maximize your impact on recruiters.

  • Make a good first impression. Introduce yourself confidently. Make eye contact and shake hands firmly with the person you are meeting, and remember to smile. Don't chew gum.

  • Be prepared to share some interesting things about you like your relevant work experiences, skills, goals, and interests. Try to be sure that what you share matches with the employer's needs.

  • When an recruiter asks, "What are you looking for?" Don't answer by saying, "A job!" Instead tell the recruiter about your goals or career interests.

  • Always be polite. Don't interrupt a conversation or linger too long at any one location. Remember to thank the recruiter for his or her time.

  • Always be positive. Don't say anything negative about yourself, your former employers, or your school. Doing so will only reflect negatively upon you.

  • Ask questions about the organization, but don't ask about salary or benefits.

  • Don't leave without contact information. A key benefit of attending the career fair is meeting new contacts in the industry, recruiters, other job seekers, practitioners, and career placement office personnel co-hosting the event.

  • Ask about the next steps in the recruitment process. What will happen next? When? Ask the preferred method of following up your conversation (i.e., phone vs. email). Jot down brief notes as needed.

  • Respond to all inquiries ASAP to reinforce your good image and to "strike while the iron is hot."