Special Services Program

The Special Services program offers equal opportunity education for students who have disabilities, either physical or learning related; international students; and students in need of remedial instruction.

Learning Disabilities

How does The Learning Center help these students? The Learning Center Staff works to provide assistance through many different venues, including our tutoring program, working in affiliation with a local learning center, and special learning environment arrangements. The Staff often work with the student and individual professors to make sure the learning environment is accommodating a specific disability.

What should I do as a student, or future student, if I struggle with a learning disability?

First, be willing to talk to your individual professors about your specific disability. Faculty are more than willing to work with each student to improve his or her learning environment. Also, contact The Learning Center; we will request documentation (tests, assessments, etc.) of your learning disability to keep on file in our Center in order to help you more effectively.

Physical Disabilities

A variety of accommodations are available for any student with a physical disability. If you need such accommodations, please inform your Admissions Counselor and note it on your application. Please be specific as to the kinds of accommodations you may need, such as a notetaker if you have a visual or auditory disability. We want to do all we can to give you an opportunity to succeed here at Grace College. If you have any further questions before coming to campus or once you arrive, please contact The Learning Center and we will assist you with any concerns you may have.

International Students

Grace College appreciates the global diversity that international students bring to our campus. Students coming to Grace from different cultures will be provided assistance from the Minority Education Liaison to familiarize the students with the campus offices and support available to them.

If international students would like help with their English grammar and understanding concepts behind the English language, tutoring can be provided though The Writing Lab on a weekly basis.


Email Christine French or call 574-372-5100, ext. 6423.