FAQ: Even a College Can Go Back to School™

1. Why does Grace College offer all degrees in an accelerated format?

Grace College is committed to its mission as an evangelical institution of higher education that applies biblical values to developing students’ character, sharpening their competence, and preparing them for service. We value the needs of hard-working students and their families and are seeking ways to make an education at Grace more affordable. We have listened to their concerns and are trying to address them. Accelerated degree options help make a quality education at Grace both affordable and practical while still maintaining a biblical foundation.

2. Can you explain how it works?
  1. A compressed calendar of two, 8-week sessions in each of the fall and spring semesters, and one 8-week session in the summer semester.
  2. Options to graduate in three years with a bachelor’s degree, four years with a bachelor’s degree, or four years with a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree.
  3. Scheduling courses in a way that allows for in-depth study of 2-3 courses at a time
  4. A modified housing and meal plan
  5. Online, summer courses
  6. The common general education experience, called the Grace Core, is offered more frequently

3. Does everyone have to graduate in three years?

Grace is a four-year school; however, all degrees in all disciplines allow students to graduate in three years if they choose to do so. Students have the option of completing their bachelor’s degrees in either four years or three years, depending on their individual needs. For example, student athletes, students choosing a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree, or students who determine they want a more flexible schedule or no summer courses might choose the four-year graduation option.

4. What does the Grace Core look like?

We believe that learning about God’s creation is an act of worship that relates to the various disciplines represented at Grace College. The Grace Core is a common educational experience for all students who attend Grace College. The Core includes Freshman Foundations, a first-year experience course, and Global Perspectives and its cross-cultural experience. The Core consists of Bible courses as well as those representing the disciplines of Behavioral Science, Communication, Economics, English, and History. It also includes an integrated humanities course focusing on art, music, and literature, and an integrated science and math course. The BA and the BS provide further distinctions by requiring an additional 6 language credits for a BA and 6 credits of math and of science or social science courses for a BS.

5. Is the tuition different for an accelerated degree? Do I pay extra for the summer online semester?

Students enrolled for 12-18 credits pay a flat tuition fee. Students registering for more than 18 credits in the fall semester or spring semester are charged at a per-credit tuition rate beyond the 18 credits.

For each semester (fall or spring), a student is enrolled at full-time status; they will be eligible to take 3 credit hours tuition free in the summer semester (technology fee and other fees not included), or (c) they are registering for credits that exceed the 120 credits needed for graduation with a bachelor’s degree.

6. How does financial aid work for a 3-year degree vs. a 4-year degree?

Students should be eligible for one year of financial aid for every year of full-time enrollment until the point they graduate with a bachelor’s degree (up to four years). Under the new model, completion of a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree within the four years will also allow a student to retain four years of his or her financial aid. In all cases, any time students have a question about financial aid, they should speak directly to that office (800.544.7223, ext. 6162) regarding their individual circumstances.