Grace College Alumni Thriving According to Gallup-Purdue Index

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The Gallup-Purdue Index recently released findings of its 2016 survey of more than 30,000 college graduates from across the country.  Grace College was one of 13 Hoosier institutions to participate.   Grace College outperformed the national and state institutions on almost every measure.  The complete Grace College scorecard can be viewed here.

Among the most significant findings are:

1. Grace alumni say they received excellent emotional support during their college years.

2.  Grace alumni report high levels of well-being.

3.  Grace grads have more fulfilling jobs than other college graduates.

Conducted in January and February of 2016, this Gallup-Purdue survey sought to examine outcomes of college graduates beyond job placement and salaries by evaluating undergraduate experience, alumni attachment, well-being and workplace engagement.

Earlier today, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education issued a news release detailing statewide implications of the survey.  Commissioner Lubbers also offered comment on the results for Grace College saying, “The Gallup-Indiana survey results show a majority of Grace College alumni have a high opinion of their college experience and feel their higher education at Grace was worth the investment.  I commend Grace College for stepping up to be a part of this alumni satisfaction survey, and I’m confident they will use this information to drive even greater satisfaction and success for graduates in the future.”

Dr. Bill Katip, president of Grace College, was encouraged by the survey results.  “The highly respected Gallup-Purdue Index shows that most Grace alumni are faring very well post-graduation.  While we acknowledge that improvements can and should be made in alumni satisfaction and value, the survey confirmed that Grace graduates receive a unique education characterized by real relationships formed.  Their college experience prepares them to be well-adjusted adults who make meaningful contributions to society and seek to fulfill God’s calling on their lives,” Katip said.

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