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Taking pride

Friday, July 31st, 2009

This entire week I have been at the FGBC national EQUIP 09 conference. It’s been great to make connections with people in the Grace Brethren fellowship as well as sit in on some classes/seminars on relavent ministry topics.

It’s winding down today and this morning I’ve arrived at our GTS booth in the main gym as I have everyday. It was still early (before 9am) when I checked my email and low and behold I found an email from paypal about closing my account due to security conerns. I don’t use paypal or ebay much and but I initially thought it would be a good idea to fill out the form they attached to reactivate my account. So I resent them my credit card information.

After I did so, it sent me to a page with alligator graphics telling me it had not worked. It was at this point I started reconsidering my original decision to send them my credit card information. I checked my paypal account as well as my credit card account immediately and everything looked ok at this point. So I called my credit card company and cancelled the card.

I take pride in the fact that I am technology savy and don’t fall for those sorts of scams. My wife recently fell prey to something of this sort,through actually very little fault of her own. And while I wasn’t mad at her, in the back of my mind I was thinking – ‘I’d never do something like that.’


I’m taking this as a little humble pill from God that is meant to remind me of the ‘take heed lest you fall’ principle of Galatians 6. Take my pride Lord Jesus and replace it with the humility and proper perspective of myself I desperately need.