A Balancing Act

I was reading through Malachi this morning and have been trying to discern how this Old Testament prophetic book applies to everyday life in 2009. Some parts were not too hard to see a connection but some, like most of chapter one, were not as easy. 1:6-14 deals with sacrifices and the temple sacrificial system. God calls the people out for disrespecting Him by presenting their best animals to him for sacrifice.

While surface, trite phrases like ‘give God your best’ came quickly to mind, it wasn’t until this morning another, deeper principle hit me. I believe that those verses reflect how the people were giving God their leftovers in worship – their blind, lame, and diseased animals (v.13)- when God demanded their best.

We certainly have different forms of worship than the audience of Malachi. In fact the New Testament teaches us our whole lives should be worship (Rom. 12:1-2, Phil. 1:27). Yet I’ve noticed myself giving God my own leftovers. I got to busy working, serving, doing good things without connecting with Him first and drawing from Him all the strength, grace, and wisdom I need.

This isn’t the first time I’ve made this mistake. It really is an ongoing¬†balancing act. God wants us to serve and give our all to please Him and love others, but we must first cultivate an intimacy with Christ. Otherwise all our busy-ness is just spinning our wheels.

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