Grace College President Invites Alumnus to Meet in Detroit – May 1st

Grace College & Seminary President William J. Katip and former President Ronald E. Manahan invite you to join them in celebrating the emerging opportunities of Grace College Detroit as we promote the excellence of education in the Metro Detroit region. Meet and greet students, faculty, and staff of the Detroit campus. We invite you to learn and help us as we plan for an even better future.
Message from the President:
Our administrative team will be coming your way in a few weeks, and we’d love to have you come to see how Grace College & Seminary is working out its mission in the Detroit area. You’ll learn about our three-year degree model, some of our off-site locations, and what God has done already with what has been started in Detroit. You’ll meet Detroit-area students and staff, and we want your input and help in thinking through the possibilities of expanding a Grace education even further into the suburbs around Detroit.We’ve had a brutal winter in Winona Lake this year—but you know all about that! Our enrollment is great—nearly 2,000 students total—and while our basketball teams are just winding up their seasons, other sports are getting ready for warmer-weather contests. Students are returning now from spring break ministry trips from locations all over the world—many in Europe, Asia, South America, and elsewhere.There’s enthusiasm and optimism about what God is doing through Grace. We value you as part of the 20,000-strong alumni family and we hope to maintain and strengthen our communication with you in the days ahead.Can we count on meeting you in Detroit on May 1st? Thanks for caring about Grace, thanks for praying for the school, and thanks for representing Christ in a way that honors Him and your alma mater!


Bill Katip


Date: May 1, 2014   Time: 6:00 PM
Location: 13660 Stansbury St., Detroit, MI, 48227  (Located behind Evangel Ministries)
For more information call: 313.482.9555 or 888.995.1551
Please RSVP

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