Grace College & Seminary Calling on its Supporters to Inspire Students on Inaugural – Day to Make a Difference

On Tuesday, March 25, Grace College and Seminary is beginning a new tradition – Day to Make a Difference. This 24-hour online day of giving is a new opportunity in which Grace alumni and friends can come together and show their support for current and future students.

“By giving during this special day of fundraising, our alumni and friends can show students that they stand behind them and believe in their decision to seek a Grace education,” said event coordinator Jon Yeh.

The event is being held on Tuesday, March 25 to also give the community the opportunity to offer their support and inspiration to students prior to Grace’s annual Spring Day of Worship on Wednesday, March 26.

Day to Make a Difference will bring the Grace family and community together primarily on Facebook and other social media channels. It will feature fun and engaging challenges, as well as the opportunity for participants to receive special incentives throughout the day.

To learn more, visit http:/ or contact Jon Yeh at (574) 372-5100 extension 6126.

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