Korean Exchange Students Bring Richness and Diversity to Campus

This year, Grace is hosting four young women from Handong Global University in South Korea as a part of Grace’s International Exchange Program. These students are each actively involved in campus activities through Hangul, a campus sponsored club that seeks to provide an avenue for Korean exchange students to express their culture and teach others about life in South Korea.

Earlier in the year, Hangul performed a traditional South Korean fan dance during global chapel week, and are planning a North Korea exhibit for Grace’s annual Conference on Missions. Over its two years of existence, Hangul has boasted activities such as Korean language and cultural lessons, prayer meetings, and creative presentations. ​ Currently, Hangul hosts Korean Club meetings on Friday afternoons, as well as weekly meetings for Pray for North Korea (Pray4NK). Both are open for all Grace students.

“We are so impressed by our American friends who attend the prayer meetings. [I am thankful] for their heart toward North Korea,” said YeEun Lee, one of the young women participating in the exchange program and a Pray4NK leader.  “I think Grace is the perfect school for exchange students to come. People are so nice and always willing to help us. I think it even changed the stereotype toward America that I had before.”

“We (all Korean girls) have a heart for North Korea and were amazed by all the students who are praying for North Korea even though they have no direct relationship with North Korea,” said YeLee Jung, another Pray4NK leader. “I was surprised that so many students are interested in South Korea. Professors [here] are kind and excellent, and my college friends are all awesome. I am fully enjoying my time at Grace.”

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