Building Community

This was the theme of our April 10th meeting. We began the night enjoying great hot drinks from Tree of Life and catching up with each other. We enjoyed the company of two new members and got to know one another by answering Dr. Morr’s (Christy) opening quesiton: Where would you like to spend a dream vacation this summer?

We all had our different locations, but the main theme was really who we’d like to spend the vacation with and not so much the “where”. This really fit our topic of community as we began discussing the necessary elements for true community to be built. Let me share a few quotes Christy gave us by Larry Crabb found in his book originally titled, “Safest Place on Earth”.

“A central tast of community is to create a place that is safe enough for the walls to be torn down, safe enough for each of us to own and reveal our brokwnness” (p.11).

True community is “a gathering of people who experience a kind of togetherness that only the Holy Spirit makes possible, who move in good directions–and want to– because the Spirit is at work” (p.22).

The next quote explains exactly what we as the seminary wives at Grace desire to see happen within our own community:

“When member of a spiritual community reach a sacred place of vulnerablitiy and authenticity, something is released. Something good begins to happen. An appetite for holy things is stirred. For just a moment, the longing to know God becomes intense, stronger than all other passions, worth whatever price must be paid for it. Spritual togetherness…creates movement: Togetherness in Christ encourages movement toward Christ” (p.22).

For those that missed our meeting: we missed you! We hope we can slowly build our community and in doing so, build each other in Christ, encouraging one another “all the more as the day quickly approaches”. Thanks to all those that were able to come and a special thanks to Dr. Christy Morr for sharing her heart with us!

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