Office of Faith, Learning and Scholarship at Grace Publishes Interdisciplinary Bulletin

Grace College and Seminary is excited to announce the launch of a new electronic publication, Faith and Scholarship Bulletin, for the benefit of faculty, alumni, potential students and donors. This annual publication is the latest initiative by the Office of Faith, Learning, and Scholarship, aiming to facilitate and highlight academic and scholarly engagement. The inaugural issue includes a lead article co-authored by several Grace professors, a print version of the Lyceum lecture, and several book reviews.

“Grace College and Seminary seeks to be increasingly engaged in research circles across the disciplines and provide avenues for scholarly output,” said Dr. Jared Burkholder, director of the Office of Faith, Learning and Scholarship at Grace. “This is meant to complement Grace’s commitment to remaining a school that places a high premium on teaching excellence. It is not meant to only include Grace insiders, rather we hope that scholars from other institutions will also contribute to upcoming issues.”

Decades ago, the seminary created and published the Grace Journal, which was meant to be a high-level venue for academic output in biblical and theological studies. In 2010, a conversation about republishing the Grace Journal began. It was decided that a full-fledged peer-reviewed print journal was not feasible at the time. Instead, a more modest, interdisciplinary publication was created, rather than one that was simply an extension of the seminary. The new publication was re-imagined and published in an electronic format. Thus, the Faith and Scholarship Bulletin was born – a hybrid between a journal and newsletter, its home base the Office of Faith, Learning, and Scholarship.

“This kind of initiative is so important to a college and theological seminary like Grace,” said Dr. Bill Katip, president of Grace.  “We strive to establish conversations between different disciplines and constantly challenge each other. I think the Faith and Scholarship Bulletin is an invaluable asset to the college, both academically and as a display of our strong appreciation of our theological history.”

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