Grace Men’s Soccer Team Headed to South Africa

Grace’s men’s soccer team is set to expand its borders, embarking on a two-week sport mission trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

The Lancers will begin their trip on May 12 and enjoy two weeks of interacting with and ministering to the people of South Africa through the avenue of soccer.

“This will be such a rewarding trip for us,” said Grace head coach Matt Hotchkin. “This trip will surely teach us a lot and help to shape and challenge us. It is our hope that this trip will bring us together in a very special way. Most importantly, we are excited to use the joy of soccer to share the love of Christ with the South Africans.”

Grace’s coaches and players will run soccer clinics and speak to local high school assemblies during their time in South Africa.

The Lancers will also learn how to coach children from every type of socioeconomic background.

A special aspect of the trip centers around sophomore midfielder Gift Sibukome. Sibukome, originally from Lusaka, Zambia, will have the chance to return home for the first time in nearly two years.

Since arriving in the US in the fall of 2012, Sibukome has only spoken with family and friends in Zambia over phone and email.

“It’s been a blessing for me to be here in the US. I thank the Lord for what He has done for me here,” Sibukome said. “But this trip is an exciting one because it’s the first time to go home in almost two years. I’m thankful to the alumni guys for making this trip possible. God is always good.”

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