Grace College Offers Two New Majors in the Department of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Rick Roberts, program director of Biology and Health Professions

This coming fall, Grace College will be offering two new majors, a Health Science major with added pre-professional tracks and a Mathematics and Computing major.

The new Health Science major is specifically designed for students who aspire to provide health care for people through a variety of avenues. The major will provide specific concentrations of study for future medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, physician’s assistants, pharmacists, physical or occupational therapists, optometrists or podiatrists. All concentrations within this major can be completed in three years.

This new major and the companion concentrations have been designed foremost to ensure students meet the admissions requirements of their desired graduate health science program, including both the required courses and preparation for the relevant standardized admissions exam.

“I am excited about the opportunities this new major will present for our medically oriented students to really focus on preparing for the career path God is calling them to follow, especially when they individualize their program with a non-science minor,” explained Dr. Rick Roberts, program director of Biology and Health Professions.

Rick Koontz, program director of Management of Information Systems

The Mathematics and Computing major will combine content from mathematics and computer science to create a new blended major. The major will appeal to two groups of students — those who want to study math and have an interest in technology, and those who want to study technology but are more interested in mathematics than business.

Interviews with the information systems managers from Winona Lake businesses Silveus Insurance and Paragon Medical revealed a demand for technology workers who are problem solvers and self-learners who can communicate well. Technology students who select this program will strengthen their ability to solve problems through additional math courses. Math students that select this program will broaden their career options by bringing their problem-solving skills to a secondary discipline.

“One of the program’s strengths is the balance between math and computer programming, which creates a broader set of career options after graduation,” explained Rick Koontz, program director of Management of Information Systems.

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