Grace College and Seminary’s 75th Anniversary to be Recognized Before Indiana State Senate

On March 12, 2013, Senator Jim Banks will be presenting a resolution to the Indiana State Senate honoring Grace College and Seminary’s 75th year anniversary and achievements as an institution. The resolution will be read before the Indiana State Senate in Indianapolis, and representatives from Grace will have the privilege to attend the event at the capitol.

The resolution notes the history of Grace College and Seminary, as well as several of Grace’s achievements such as graduates of Grace’s accounting program receiving a ranking of 10th out of 793 institutions nationwide for the first-time pass rate on the Certified Public Accountant exam in 2012.

The resolution also highlights Grace’s recent implementation of more affordable education options for students. One of these options reduces cost by 25 percent through one of the nation’s first successful three-year accelerated degree programs. Another program being recognized is a $7,800 per year associate degree program for city youth now available in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.

“We are honored that Grace College and Seminary’s 75th Anniversary will be recognized before the Indiana State Senate,” said Dr. Ronald Manahan, president of Grace College and Seminary. “I think it acknowledges the passion and hard work we have invested to give our students quality, affordable options for their education. We are excited to continue innovating and addressing students’ needs.”

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