Grace College Online Course Receives Top Quality Rating

As Grace College quickly becomes one of the quality providers in online education, some notable achievements are emerging. Tim Ziebarth, Director of Online Education, along with a team of collaborators, achieved a “5” rating on a quality review of their online Principles of Management course hosted through Learning House, Grace’s online education solutions partner. The Management class is one of very few nationwide in the Learning House network that has achieved this rating.

The quality review makes use of a 5-level scale with intricate standards of quality that each online class must meet in 40-plus distinct areas. To achieve a score of 5, classes must score a 90% or higher in meeting the standards.

“We are raising the quality of our online classes. This is just one class, but now we have a course that models the best practices in online education,” explained Ziebarth. “Our next goal is to have the first class that scores a 100%.”

“The time, effort, quality, variety, and content that Tim includes in his courses achieve a high level of student outcomes,” said Carrie Yocum, Associate Provost of Grace College. “Tim leads our online department and has been an example to other instructors in the development and teaching of online courses and use of resources to make it a good learning experience for students.”

“The level five rating is a terrific example of the hard work and dedication of Tim and the Grace faculty as well,” said Derek Jones, Grace’s account manager at Learning House. “Quality was one of the first things Tim has stressed to us in our partnership and I think the fact that Grace College is leading the way is an example of their dedication to their students.”

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