Grace Community Education Department Appoints New Site Director

The Grace Community Education Department recently appointed John Hendricks as Site Director at the Miami Correctional Facility. This position, (similar to a principal) is in charge of overseeing the ABE (Adult Basic Education) and Vocational Education programs at the facility.

Hendricks previously served as a Literacy/GED instructor at Miami and has been recognized as one of the top performing correctional teachers in the state. He is currently completing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Grand Canyon University.

The Miami instructional program includes seven academic and two vocational teachers and serves over two hundred and fifty men. Through the ABE program at various locations, teachers are able to work with students in the Department of Corrections, helping them obtain their GED’s. The program also offers vocational classes for post-GED students. All of these options increase the likelihood of employment once released from prison. The ability to find employment in turn drastically reduces the likelihood of the students returning to prison.

“Our work is really about keeping guys out of prison – getting them out and keeping them out,” said Dennis Duncan, Director of Indiana Correctional Education. “John Hendricks has been recognized as one of the best teachers in the correctional system. He is a man with great enthusiasm and talent and we are expecting him to lead the staff at Miami to become a model for other facilities.  He has unique ability to relate to the students and inspire best out of them.”

Grace’s commitment to ministering to men and women in correctional system goes back 25 years.

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