Indianapolis Star Cartoonist Speaks at Grace College Indianapolis

On Tuesday, February 5, Grace College Indianapolis invited award-winning editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel to speak in the COM 110 Public Speaking class. Grace College Indianapolis is located on the north side of Indianapolis close to I-465.

Varvel gave an interactive lecture about communicating an idea succinctly, inviting students to help him brainstorm for a cartoon utilizing the key ideas from his talk. He then drew a cartoon on the spot from class input and actually used the idea for his Wednesday, February 6 cartoon in the Indianapolis Star.

“My larger purpose in bringing in Gary to speak to the students was to allow them to see a committed Christian practicing his craft with excellence within a secular environment,” said John Crane, communications professor at Grace College Indianapolis.  “The intention was to help the students learn how to thoughtfully engage their respective spheres of influence with the Christian worldview, no matter what their eventual vocation may be.”

“I found it timely that Gary’s artistry while with our class as shown in his syndicated cartoon captured one of the real strengths of the Weber program. Namely, providing a venue that offers a sound educational experience for a fraction of the typical tuition cost. His cartoon embodied one of the fundamental reasons why the Weber program exists.”

Varvel’s cartoons have appeared on CNN, FOX News and in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, USA Today, World magazine and several other distinguished publications. He is the 2010 recipient of the Rueben Award and the 2011 National Headliners Award. He is currently the editorial cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star and one of only 50 full-time cartoonists in US.

The cartoon inspired by the class can be found here:

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