High School, College and Young Adults Minister – Shades Mountain Indepedent Church, Hoover AL


SMIC is a Bible-believing, discipleship oriented church in Hoover, Alabama. SMIC believes our students and young adults should know the Word of God and receive that teaching from an adult leader with Biblical training. Groups and disciple-making are foundational to the framework of SMIC. We believe and practice expositional teaching and prayer saturation and desire those disciplines to be taught and applied to our high school students and young adults. Please see our Doctrinal Statement at smic.org for more information.

Job Summary:
To execute the church’s vision for Biblical community by providing leadership and direction for life-stage ministries from high school students to single adults and to shape and fit that vision for these specific ministries. To provide direct leadership for the High School Ministry and management and oversight for the College and Young Adults Ministries.

The candidate for this position will have at least five years of full-time student leadership experience. The candidate will exhibit clear leadership qualities, be grounded in the Word, gifted as a teacher, a practitioner of prayer, and show capacity and ability to manage the College and Young Adults ministry with part-time assistance, while directly leading the high school student ministry. The candidate will display experience and a willingness to relate well with parents, develop lay-leaders with whom he would partner and design a ministry philosophy that incorporates parents and students.

1. Reports to the Senior Pastor or other designated senior staff member and is discipled by one of the Elders of SMIC.
2. Develops a senior high ministry that includes discipleship, community outreach, and sound biblical teaching.
3. Provides leadership, vision, and direction to College and Young Adults ministry.
4. Develops lay leadership for both High School and College and Young Adults ministry.
5. Assures that leadership team is being actively discipled and/and or discipiling others.
6. Works and partners with Middle School/Children’s Minister.


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