Grace College Students Embrace Entrepreneurial Careers

Pictured from left to right: Matt DeRenzo, Michelle Sweeten, Dana Johnston, Leah Molter, Mike Depositar, Tiffany Featherston, Karrah Beckmann, Taylor Fervida, Katie Strine, Josh Christensen, Caitlin Steiner, and Joe Doust

The Prosperity Success Institute based in Gold Canyon, Arizona, recently hosted 15 college students and staff members from Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, at its School of Entrepreneurial studies to an intense and focused seven day business start-up course known as ECIP – the Entrepreneur Candidate Initiative Program.

This is the second year in a row that the Prosperity Success Institute has held this event for college participants and even more extensive classes are planned later for this year. It features a variety of business-building formats and one-of-a-kind instruction using the very latest in technology tools. It further includes guest business speakers from throughout the Phoenix area that offer key business-building strategies.

The instructional course was create and developed based on the business experience of Larry Snow, the founder of the Institute, who spent 35 years owning and operating a logistical business (trucking, warehousing, equipment) in Elkhart, Indiana (located in North Central Indiana) which still successfully operates today under the savvy management of his wife, Kim Overmyer.

His desire in creating it was to build an encore educational teaching career to be able to give back to other perspective start-ups as a result of the prosperity success that they have been able to enjoy throughout their entrepreneurial lifetime.

The course offers real life experiences in owning a business enterprise and is offered in 30 continuing and specific sessions throughout the course of the week. It focuses on sales and marketing, finance, communications, operations, negotiating, as well as building a unique and detailed customized business plan. The students each receive three credit hours for this highly-sought accredited course.

Among other activities, the course involves visiting several existing area businesses, allowing participants to ask the owners specific questions regarding business operations, business survival techniques, and other pertinent questions pertaining to the real entrepreneurial ownership experience.

They were also able to enjoy a real west experience as they took time off to visit the OK Corral and spend an afternoon on horseback on a tour through the Superstition Mountains. The participants were also hosted by the Arizona Grace College Alumni at a reception held for them in the evening at Bethany Church in Glendale, Arizona on January 6th.

The course ended with a comprehensive review of their business plan and a two hour detailed written examination as well as a critique of the entire Arizona experience. As they have returned to the campus, they will work to finalize their college experience and use their newly-formed business plan and entrepreneurial education to create their own personal business enterprise in the future.

The Prosperity Success Institute™ also offers many other classes, courses, workshops, and seminars in Personal Finance, Entrepreneurism, Job/Career Success, and Real Estate Investing. Each of them is available in three separate levels of instruction including Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Snow is the author of several books including Learning How to Become Prosperous Today. For more information, you can visit their website located at: or you can email them direct at or

Alan Grossnickle, who was in charge of the expedition, was a company President and CEO before he began teaching at Grace this past August. As a Business Professor, his passion is mentoring and encouraging his students to use their potential to succeed in the business world through knowledge, hard work, and “the belief that they can do it!”

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  1. Lisa Stevens Says:

    I beleive the instructional course has been really intriguing and useful experience for the students, who participated in it. Surely they’ve had some great time together and learned a lot of new things. Regards!