FAQ: Mixing Online with Residential or DE Courses

What if I live close enough that I want to take a portion of the classes in the online format, and a portion in the residential method. Can I mix and match these courses as my schedule determines? Also, what if I want to take courses in the older distance ed (DE) format in order to accelerate the completion of my degree?

  • Yes, you can mix and match these courses with the caution that once you begin taking classes, you will be assigned to a cohort and you will need to be careful that you keep up with classes that they are taking. A cohort is what we call the group of students that begin their online seminary experience at Grace Theological Seminary during a particular semester.
  • You can take distance ed courses as long as they are offered. Once the DE class is converted to the online format it may no longer be available. This is a way of reducing the time that it takes to complete the 48 credit hours required in the MA programs.


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