FAQ: Advance Standing and Transfer Credit

I took some theological courses during my undergraduate program, and also a few seminary courses at another school. Will I be eligible for advance standing to get these courses waived?

  • Yes, you may be eligible either for advance standing, in which the course isn’t required to be taken at all, or for a waiver in which another course of equal credit hours may be substituted. Advance standing applies to courses that you have taken at the undergraduate level. Questions regarding advance standing should be directed to Jim Hill in Seminary Admissions. A maximum of nine credit hours of advance standing will be accepted for the MA programs.
  • If you took courses at the seminary level you may be eligible for transfer credit up to 1/2 of the total credits of the program in which you are enrolled, which means up to 24 hours in the online MA programs. This will be determined during the admissions process.


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